VERY slow to load Home-Page Issue


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VERY slow to load Home-Page Issue

For the past week, it's VERY slow to open Home-page.

Until last week, it's VERY quick to open Web-site/home-page.

What's a problem on this, ... slow loading Home-Page/Web-site?

btw, The Home-Page/Web-site is only B/W words without any pictures.

Thanks for your help in advance.
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Sounds like a case of somebody on bittorrent eheheh. Are you using wireless networking or sharing your internet with anyone? Try this: powercycle the router and the dsl/cable box, then get on the internet asap (after you are connected of course). See if you get lightning fast speeds. If so, and the speed starts to deteriorate shortly, then that means somebody else is using up all your bandwidth..
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Are you using Internet Explorer?

Go to tools>Internet Options and under the General Tab go to Browsing History, click Delete and on the next page, delete the top three, or all of them if you choose.
Download CCleaner from FileHippo and run that every few days.
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Assuming that you have run an spydware clean up and a virus sweep, consider that a page will load only as fast as the server that provides it.

If the server is busy with many connections, you have to wait your turn.

If you haven't restarted your windows computer in a while, it helps to restart it to clean up the garbage that accumulates.
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I have to say for years I didn't use a homepage, just set it to "about blank". Homepages in my opinion have always been a way for content providers such as ISP's to push advertising at you. You can make one or two key keyboard shortcuts to most of the sites you use. You don't need to even open your browser first. Just hit the shortcut and it will load which ever page you want.
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I downloaded CCleaner.
I was going to 'run' it and it gave me a list of programs it would then delete. Is that how it allegedly speeds up a computer, by deleting programs? Um, I don't think I'll do this.
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No, it doesn't delete programs. That is just a list of programs that contain extraneous crapola that CCleaner can (and will) clean out. Incidentally, when I get to the install options section, I always uncheck the bottom four boxes. After it is installed, at the bottom left of the page, you will see an On line help link. You should at least visit that site to learn a little about CCleaner and what to expect from it.

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