Motherboard Replacement


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Motherboard Replacement

How common is it to have a motherboard fail and how difficult is it to replace? Any ideas on what the cost would be to replace one on a 4 year old Gateway with XP?
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I can't answer your first question but as to your second I wouldn't even try. OEM parts are notoriously expensive. I would simply build a new computer salvaging parts that I could from the old one. Depending on whether you decide to use a low end consumer mother board or a high end mother board you may save a lot or a little over replacing the mother board in your existing computer. My main computer uses a low end mother board and has been runing for over five years no problem.

I can say more if your interested. I have built three computers all using a combination of savaged parts and new parts that were purchased at bargain prices on Ebay because they were last years technology.
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Could be $70.00 if you can find an older one that has the correct socket type for your processor.

If you can identify the model number and from there the motherboard using the Gateway support site you can purchase a replacement elsewhere by following the specs..

What makes you think the motherboard has gone bad? It could be a allot of things. So what are the symptoms?
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I all so agree with opening up the case and getting the info off the old board and see if you can get a replacement off newegg or tigerdirect. Replacement is pretty straight forward but you may have to reactivate XP but in all the cases I have done that it was NBD.
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rebuild not replace

good luck in finding a 4 year old motherboard, after 6 months they are outdated, you might find a used on on Ebay, but like others have said, you are better off building a new one and moving over parts ( what little you can move over ).

There is a good chance that only your video card will port over ( assuming it's PCI or PCI-E ), memory now a days is faster and somewhat inexpensive so you not going to be able to port over the old memory, you hard drives and dvd drive will port over, as will any PCI based card you may have.

I just got through replacing a 4 year old motherboard ( ASUS AN8 32 SLI ) and the only things that ported over were my SATA drives and my Video card ( PCI-E), the older memory ( DDR2 PC3200 ) was not compatible with the newer DD3 PC 1600 memory banks on the new motherboard.

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