Wind.98 & O.Express


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Have two problems....

Am on Wind.98 and O.Express. Having extreme difficulty as have had no sig file, however, comes up
"Warning: the signature file specified is not a valid text-file. The signature feature has been disabled. "

When I do not want or have had, any sig file, this is annoying, how do I get this to not come up at New Mail or Compose.
Secondly finally did a sig file thinking that would fix it...... simple bgsound and gif image..........I did NOT set it as stationery, however, when I send with it, my receipients get TWO on there.....two images with the music. I triple chkd. and KNOW what I'm doing..(html-write).....just NOT what O.E. is doing. God Bless and thanks.

When you see me again, I'll be wearing a wig LOL LOL
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First things first. Is it Outlook Express 5.0? If so,go to Windows update and do a re-install. If not get your CD out and do a re-install. Then go from here. Express 5 has a couple of hickups but to be honest I have never seen them. I run both Outlook 5 and Outlook 98 and both have been flawless. So my guess is bad driver etc.
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Marshall Buttrey
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Why don't you just include your name and e-mail in the sig. file? You don't need music and images to go with every e-mail your send. If you want to see if it works, send it to yourself.

I use Outlook 5, and have an option to send or not send a signature with each message. Go to "tools", the "options" then "signature". Make sute the top option is not selected if you don't wish to use a signature.

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