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Every time I try to access a cd in my computer it just comes up with a message that says "plese insert the cd rom and restart the application. I was wondering what could be causing this problem.
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When you go into Windoze Explorer do you see the drive? If not the drivers have either become corrupt. you deleted them or windoze just decided to not see them anymore. Re-install the drivers and I bet that cures your problem.
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This is definately a hardware issue with your cdrom drive. What I would suggest doing is using some compressed air to clean out the drive. Open the cdrom tray, then shut down the computer with the tray open. Once the computer is off, use a can of compressed air to blow out the drive. Most likely what has happened is that the laser is dirty and can't read the disk properly. If that doesn't work, replace the drive. We know it's a laser problem in that it is sensing that there is a disk in the drive, but it can't be read.

Replacing the cdrom drive is a simple straight forward procedure. You have to remove the cover of the computer, and there will be 3 cables plugged into the drive, the power cable, which has red/black/yellow wires, 4 wires in total. There is the IDE cable, which is generally a gray ribbon cable, and then there may or may not be an audio cable which is the smallest of the 3 cables.

99% of optical/cdrom drives are "IDE" drives, which means you can purchase pretty much any drive you wish. You can choose to replace the drive with a cd burner, or even a dvd burner if you choose.

Once you have the cables unplugged from the drive, there are generally 4 screws, 2 on each side that come out and then the drive should slide out the front of the case. Before sliding the new drive in, you have to make sure that a jumper is set on the new drive that match's the old drive. When you look at the back of the old drive, you will see 3 pairs of pins with a vertically placed jumper connecting 2 of the pins. The layout of the pins is pretty much standard on all drives, so just make sure the jumper on the replacement drive is in the same position as the old drive.

Once you have the new drive installed and screwed in, hook the cables back up. The only thing to make sure of is that the side of the IDE cable that has the red stripe is closest to the power connector when plugging it in.

Once you have the drive screwed in and the cable plugged in, put the case back on the machine and fire it up. IDE devices all use the same generic driver, so the new drive should work instantly. You may have to install additional software for burning cd's or dvd's if you chose one of those as a replacement drive instead of a cdrom drive.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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