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For some reason at midnight,every so often,my computer kicks on by itself.If I'm awake I'll hear the bleep and yep it's started up.WHY? Also on my Compaq,how can I delete all the cookies at once instead of one at a time?Thanks ahead of time!!!!PDF
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First problem sounds like something screwed up in your task scheduler, which is active whether your computer is on or off, unless you unplug it.

Go to the start menu - programs - accessories - system tools - shceduled tasks and see what's listed. Mkae any corections that may be needed.

I use this on my computer to regularly schedule system cleanups (defrag, etc.) so I don't have to remember them.

The cookie problem is much easier. In Windows Explorer go to C:\Windows\Cookies. Select the cookies you want to delete. Be aware that many sites (including this one) use cookie information to relate your personal profile information (registration yes/no user name, etc.) when you sign on. Deleting the cookie for this site (DoItYouSelf.com) will relegate you to the status of a non-member, with no ability to edit and/or delete your posts.


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To delete multiple cookies at a time left click and hold down, lasso cookies as needed, right click in the highlighted area and select delete. These will go to the R/Bin. Unless I have it wrong, deleting your cookies will not change your status at DIY or any site. It will cause you to have to log in every time you visit. Once logged in your status is intact. You may want to move whatever cookies to the R/Bin and check how you like surfing without them. They can be sent back to the cookie folder if needed. There are also cookies in the TIF folder that can be treated the same way....Mike
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when i want to delete a lot of cookies i go to start settings internet options settings view files then click on a cookie then scroll and before you click on the cookie at the end of your list hold down the shift key

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