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I hope you can explain a message I have gotten 4 different times in the past year but, first some info: I am running MS '98 through an HP Pavilion 8580C with HP printer, screen etc. This unit is appx 1 year old and has 2 different virus scanning programs along with a host of other installs but still has over 60% of unused memory.
Now, the question; Why do I sometimes get a message telling me the program currently running has stopped because of stack overflow problems? This message has also come up during start up twice? What's going on?
I have gone to the MS Help site but the info there does not help. What should I look for to fix this problem? I was told to make space in my e-mail and clear out the cookies which I have done but, I have done this before and the message still showed up.
What now?
Any and all ideas are appreciated and I will say Thanks!
in advance.
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jajamase, In that you didn't give the exact message you get I will venture a guess and say that adding stack pages will cure your faults. This is easy and will do no harm to your system if the problem is elsewhere. Go to START, RUN, type "msconfig" without the quotes. Click on the System.ini tab, highlight [386Enh] and click the new button. Type MinSPs=4, click OK. Restart to have the new stack page settings take effect. This will double your stack pages. If you still get the fault go back through the process and change MinSPs to MinSPs=6 and then 8 if needed. I bet this will cure the faults....Mike
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Thanks for the quick reply. I think I will hold off on the "fix" until I can post a copy of the exact message.
As soon as it shows up again, I'll put it up.
Thanks again!

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