Need boot disk list of files.


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Thanks to a email virus with a attached PIF file that I tried to open, I now have a completely disabled pc. The first symptom was that my internet explorer stopped working and then my pc would try to dial out every 30 minutes, all by itself! After reinstalling I.E., the problem remained. So I reinstalled Win98, but the problem remains,(I think because the install did not overwrite the existing files). So now I am ready to format the C drive and reinstall win98 since my pc is a boat anchor just now with a zillion problems and won't even boot up win98 all the way. I need a boot disk before I start. Can someone tell me the files I need along with the cdrom drivers inorder to format the C drive and install win98 via cdrom? I think there are about 5 of them but alas, I don't know what they are any more.

Fear not about my losing my data because I managed to back up my stuff on a zip disk before I started. This was the only lucky thing I encounterd since the pc stopped booting up about 30 minutes after my backups!!! The only thing I will lose is 'real player' that I purchased. But as I said, the pc does not boot up any more so I will kiss that purchase bye bye.

To summarize, I need the list of boot disk files and maybe a web source where I can pick them up. My win98 and pc was purchased about a 18 months ago, so I don't need the lastest and greatest boot disk files. For the record, it is a AMD 400mhz machine.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!


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