Can MP3 from Napster play on music only stereo?


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My friend here at the office is buying a new CDR device for his PC so his daughters can copy all there Napster MP3 songs to a CD Rom and play them on there Walkmans and music stereo.

This led to alot of discussion about weather or not this is possible since the music only stereo's cannot recognize the new MP3 format. At the very least, this seems to be an unclear issue with more than 1 answer.

Can someone who has done this, please enlighten us on the actual facts. We have plenty of theorys already, including statements from the LAN guys here at the office. But no one here has actually done it. They have just read about it and none of the theorys explain how old stereos can read the new MP3 format. Keep in mind that we all understand that PC's can read both data and music CD's and are quite versatile, so it is the stereo in your entertainment center or car that is the center of discussion here.

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The burner software will automatically convert them to cd audio.
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Thanks again to brianF Junior Member !! I have been reviewing some of your posts. You are quite impressive! Keep up the good work!

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I had just bought a hewlett packard cd burner about 2 months ago and would recommend it. I had about 1000 songs from Napster and first did a data backup of all songs on a few cd's then created cd,s that would play in your stereo system. I got the HP 9100 series for $172.00, which I think is a basic model. HP has better ones out there. Good luck.
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Gary Tait
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You have two options:

1: Get and MP3 CD player, that way you can put around 150-200 songs on one CD-rom, in MP3 format.

2: Burn the MP3s as CDDA (the old-Fasioned CD-Audio format
all CD players support), but you will have them on 10
times as many disks, since the audio will be uncompressed.
Your burner software will either have to decompress them
automatically, or you will have to decompress them manually
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Thanks sowewo and Gary. My friend is going to buy an HP as was mentioned and I am glad to know the name of the audio format CDDA. Everyone seems to have covered all the bases!

Thanks again.

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and here's my $.02 worth too -

Your CD burner program can do the following at your command:

1. Copy the MP3 files to a CD and then be copied to any computer as an MP3 make data CD feature

2. Convert the MP3 files to CD audio CD-DA or just CDA. Makes a regular music CD to be played on any CD player ONLY if burned onto a CDR music or CDR data disc. Many players do not recognize CD audio on CDRW (rewritable disc).

And I am downloading through Napster as I write this reply. Have fun.


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