Want easy-to-keep-current anti-virus, which one?


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After using Peter Nortons product for several years such as anti-virus and web page products, I have since decided that their complete lack of support in both areas has caused me to remove them from my list of companies and products. Since I was running Norton anti-virus but still got clobbered with a disabling virus, I want to buy new anti-virus software.

The most important aspect I am looking for is a product that can be kept current (new virus info) with little effort, such getting updates each time I connect to the internet or via email updates. Is there such a company?

My second desire is to have software that will auto backup up critical files before being updated, such as autoexec.bat etc, and inform me when such files are about to be updated. Any thoughts on that one?

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Good Morning, Mark:
The Internet foes are faster than the anti-virus companies so it is not impossible to have the best protection and still get slammed. As fast as the companies provide the protection, some 12 year old kid in Indonesia figures out a way to get around it. The anti-virus companies all scramble to keep up with these new innovations.

For capability, the two that remain at the top of the heap are (yes, it's true) Norton and McAfee. Both can be set to auto-upgrade and both have the latest techniques and search engines. I've been running McAfee for years and it has snuffed it's share of viruses. But, still, I was bitten by the I LOVE YOU virus. About 12 hours after that one went into the wild, McAfee had a fix for it and I cleaned the computer. About six hours after the virus was in the wild, Norton had a method of isolating the virus but no fix until much later.

So, the answer to your question is to get the best and keep it current. Then, trust no one.

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Hi, me again, (after spending 20 hours rebuilding my pc after a virus, including refomat c: !)

I am so *!## frustrated. After years of lousy Norton virus, I bought McAfee tonight. The install took too long, included long web downloads even after I had the cdrom. Then to update the DAT(virus) files, I got lost with the instructions and endless McAfee web link directions. I was suppose to go to the HOME page and find an 'update' button which would automatically update my dat files. I found no such button!!! Then there live 24hr support was 'busy'. This is beginning to sound like the Norton web site crap. I will apologize tomorrow but tonight, I am pissed!! Please stop me before I return this product!!!!!!AAAAAAAAaahhhhhhh!

Has anyone installed the new Platinum AntiVirus software?


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid stupid stupid products!!!!!!!
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It can be a pain but I have to say, I am using Norton version 5 and have had no trouble. I use the live update link to download and automatically install the updates. If you want you can use windows scheduler to do it automatically at whatever frequency you want. I download lot of stuff and have only gotten bit by a virus once, and that time it was my own stupidity. I opened an email attachment at 5am still half asleep. Happened to be the I love You vbs virus. Norten stopped it, repaired the infected files and no harm done. Guess of all the programs out there I still think Norton is the best. I see far less posts of people having tech difficulties with Norton as compared to others. I dislike norton's other programs, I am only talking about the anti virus. I suffered a fatal system crash using Norton speed disk and will not use any other norton utilities since then, reformatting is not my thing. Just my two cents, people will argue either way. A lot of it has to do with user caution, if downloading from a new or unknown source a scan is in order before opening or running the files.

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