Remote CPU Monitor Display Question


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Remote CPU Monitor Display Question

I need some help with an idea I have and am unsure which direction to take. In our shop at work, we would like to hang a large CPU monitor to display and update needed information. The computer this information will be coming from is already in use and I need to be careful that the only thing displayed on the monitor is from the program we use to hold the information...not whatever the cpu user is currently working on. I feel sure this can be done, but I just don't know how.

I would like to go wireless with the monitor and the distance from the source computer is approximately 75 ft. Is this an option?

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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Honestly, the easy way to do this is to dedicate a second computer to running just the program for remote display. Possibly there is a software/hardware solution to display just that one program on a second monitor, but I wouldn't waste the time trying to figure it out, especially because second-hand computers are cheap to free. Hook up two monitors (If you can't see "jumbotron" from where computer is located).
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Another option:

A dual video card will handle this nicely. Port 1 will handle the regular display, and Port 2 will be an extension of the desktop where you can place the other window.

No need for the hassle and expense of wireless. Just get a good quality VGA cable. (This is one of the times I won't recommend

We've run VGA up to 150 feet with no problems. Above that up to 300 feet we use Cat5 converters. Above that it's fiber.
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Not sure which would be easier, you could easily have a second machine on a network so you could remote desktop to it or you could set up a second display on one machine - laptops frequent come with video cards with this capability factory installed
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Not sure if I'm missing something, but an extended desktop setup would probably work fine, although I'm not certain about stability. If you can get the computer to recognize the second monitor via the wireless network, just drag the program you want displayed 'to' the big monitor and enlarge or click full screen.

The stability question I'd have is on a restart - but at worst you'd just turn off the big monitor while you set things back up if the settings didn't hold.

That help, or is it too early in the morning for me to be typing on forums?
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IMO wireless is overkill for a 75-foot distance. Besides, the monitor still needs to be plugged in to a power outlet or extension cord, so there's really no advantage to wireless.

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