Rigth click button


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Rigth click button

Could someone tell me, in detail, just what the right click button is for? Thanks in advance.
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Depends on the situation but it generally lists other options available to you at the time - in the case of this forum, I right click every time I open a thread from the list of new posts by right clicking and choosing the option to open in a new window
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It brings up drop-down menu's specific to whatever you're right-clicking on.
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Well....Jack...theres no real way to explain in detail. Some programs/sites have no functionality...others have many options. There are also mice (mouses?) programs that allow you to program many functions as well.

For instance...if I rt click on a blank spot on this page...I get browser options. If I do it on a graphic or picture..I get different options. If I do it on my desktop..different options again.
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And left handed people can choose to have the context menu on the left button instead of the right and a Mac mouse has only one button and a Unix mouse can have 3 buttons. Context menu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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I use a wireless mouse with a roller switch to scroll with, and have the tilt of the roller set to "back" and "forward". Man, makes things zoom faster between pages.

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