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This is a true story that actually happened to me and may also serve as a 'fair warning' to others!

Before I pose the question, let me explain what I did.
I went to the Microsoft download updates web site <as usual> and there wasn't any new updates for windows '98.

Fact is: I haven't found any there recently. I do hope Microsoft hasn't totally abandoned Window's '98 updates.

After the site did it's customary scan, it displayed it's usual page. Without finding the need for any updates <Nothing found in the critical updates selection> I elected to update my current Windows Media Player to the newest version 7.

After the download and somewhere during the automatic installation of the componets, my computer CRASHED!
{Keep in mind, for me this isn't a first ever. However, from my prior experiences from this trusted site, this was a first ever event.}

The dialogue, that appear on a blank darkened screen, stated there was a FATAL EXCEPTION error. The error code was: 0E at O177:BFF8ABGE. <Whatever that means?> Needless to say, I was more then SHOCKED! Not to mention, there were several words expressed, that are not fit for printing!!!

The computer then automatically went into SAFE MODE. I then had two choices. The first didn't work. It was click any key to resume. The second choice was the Ctrl + Alt + Delete, a method I used in the past.

Somewhere through all this, I remembered and followed the prior read "Read This First" instructions, prior to downloading and installing the software.

The add - remove program, found in the control panel, did in fact remove the windows media player version 7 software.

After completing that remove, windows attempted to restart itself. YES! Attemtped to. Several attempts later, the program reset itself, as I watched and hoped <with fingers crossed> the drum roll display in the dialogue box that appeared next. Thus far all seem's fine. <The computer appears to run correctly and gotten over it but trust me...I HAVEN'T!>

A downloaded fluke maybe? An error caused by something already on or missing from my computer? Software conflict?

What does that code mean???
What went wrong?

In all fairness, let me once again restate, that in the past, I have NEVER had any prior conflicts of software downloads or other problems downloading anything directly from the Windows '98 web site.

However, rest assured, it may be many many many moons before I revisit that site or download anything from there again.

Fact is: in my opinion, it is unwise to download almost any software program. Which I have done in the past, like many people have. <Sometime later, realized I shouldn't have done it.> Thank's to Norton uninstall software, it finds what windows doesn't and allows you to safely remove programs.

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Hey Tom, I went to MS trbl shooter and that error doesn't come up. I have never seen it either. I also had trouble with Media 7 and started a problem report. After sending MS EVERTHING about my system the 1st. time they continued asking me what type of computer I had etc. So I advised them where to put the program and now use Real Player. But even Real has it's bugs but at least they got back with me and helped correct the problem...
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Thanks for the reply. I also had that problem with MS regarding all the computer info and tons of questions sent back and forth in emails and on the phone. It became an exercise in futilely. <Dog chasing it's tail.>

What I did discover was a folder inside the "My Documents Folder" on my desk top. Inside it was music for the MP3 player. I assume Windows Media Player 7.0 will install that plus any other updates to the player.

My computer may have run out of either memory or resources, since I did the download after using the computer for several hours prior to the downloading. However, I have plenty of H/D left and tons of RAM, thus I doubt that was really the cause of the crash.

The computer seem's to be running as usual thus far. Which means that code crash hasn't caused any noticeable harm. Windows add/remove program may have done a good job of totally removing the program or Windows takes a licking and keeps on ticking?

My Norton uninstall can't find a trace of it either. In my opinion and from using the Norton product, Norton does find stuff Windows can't.

I also have Real Player. Except for the timeouts for NETWORK <TRAFFIC> CONGESTION...<like yeah> it runs well. Will I ever update that? haha...after the Windows Media Player 7.0 experience...I got doubts!

Back to you requesting help from M/S. Good Luck! In my opinion, it's a dead end street!

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Hmmmmmmmmm and i was thnking about adding that program.

Guess I'll stick with Real Player/Jukebox; Cakewalk; and Winamp

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