Adding hdd question


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Adding hdd question

Hey guys,

A friend gave me his old eMachines computer which has a dead motherboard in it. It's specs is similar to my Sony vaio (both from about 2004-6). Both of them ran win XP, and my Sony has 512 more Ram.
I was just wondering if I could take the eMachines hdd and put in my Vaio without complications. Is it easy as just plugging the hdd in and go? Or do I have to dig into the BIOS and mess with that (I'm not sure how to do any of that). I'm not sure of the size of that hdd either. My Sony has 2 hdd's but there's an open slot for one, and availible cords (the ones in the computer [P# and the big one).

I'm also wondering if there's anything else in the machine I could salvage? I've taken out the Ram and the fan too.
Thanks for any info.
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The only other thing to take is the CD drives and PSU. However at that age the CPU is likely worthless. You might also want the Windows number on the side of the case. Could come in handy if you wanted to install XP on another system with an OEM copy.

Putting the HDD is your system is a maybe. If you just want to install it in your system as another drive (set to slave) then you will be fine. Your bios should auto detect it.

If you want this to be your boot drive it may not load windows and you would then have to reinstall XP. Either way you would likely have to re-register your copy of XP which is not a big deal.

IF you look at the label of the HDD out of the eMachine it will say what the capacity, rpm speed and manufacture is.
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If your just adding it as a 2nd drive it should be all right. If you try and make it the bootable drive chances are it wont work. If thats what you want just install a fresh copy of XP.
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Only two HDDs are allowed on an IDE controller (master & slave). Since you already have two drives, you'd have to use the second controller with the drive jumper set to Master. If the second controller is already used for a CD or DVD drive as a Master, the new HDD would be set to Slave.

If the system doesn't recognize the third drive, you would have to go into the BIOS and tell that IDE controller to auto-detect.
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If I may add, sometimes you have to set both drives for Cable Select. I don't have that problem with any of the computers here because they are all SATA but if you have IDE you may have to set for cable select.
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I was gonna use it as a 2nd drive, not the main, bootable one.

Thanks for the info guys, very helpful!

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