darn modem keeps disconnecting from friend

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Hello to all that respond.

My question is this. I play modem games with a friend and we stayed connected until we played for 5 hours or so. I have not changed anything on my side, nor has he. The problem now is every hour or so now we get disconnected from each other. Really ruins the game. What could have possibly happened. We both have 56k modems. Thanks in advanced

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Two words "Line Noise". It's cold out? Snow? Rain? Bet you a buck that the modems are hearing the noise on the line and shutting down. Nothing you can really do, either one of you could have the problem. Call Ma Bell and have a tech come out and check the lines for noise. Have them run new wire from the post to the house. Dedicate a line to your computer that has no other phones, ans. machines etc. on it. That includes junctions to run to another part of the house. Wire does get old. The do make filters but they cut transfer rates.
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re disconnecting

I had the same problem & I was told the same thing about the noise in the lines by my server. The sever also said that having a "soft" modem causes it too. They said you have a "hard" modem. You can also upgrade your modem thru the net if you know what kind you have. Hope this helps.
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Cool The simplest explanations...

Hi Modemme,

I see that you have not posted since your original post. Ah ha. This prompts me to finally write. In this ever changing world of ISP's and the technology they use, there seems to be explanations for what you have experienced.

First I want to say, that a noisy line, as mentioned, can cause outages, but I believe noisy lines are predictable and observable. For instance, is it raining? Your complaint seems to say that your phone has not suffered from noisy lines patterns in the past.

Secondly, the hard verses soft modem that was mentioned was only a problem some 5 to 10 years ago. This would not account for a sudden rise in outages. And this would not knock you off, it would slow you down. It is non-existent in todays 56k modems.

So what would account for a sudden rise in outages! It's a rectorical question. Drum roll please. (the story unfolds) I noticed your complaint was written around the time of the big snow storm that swept the country, unless you live in a warm climate. On bad snow days, the ISP's have experienced overloads in volume because unprecedented numbers of people stayed home from work and they logged on to the internet. It is hard for ISP capacity planners to predict and plan for this volume. Even though you have a dial up private line from your house to the ISP, the ISP has a matrix of digital traffic on the outbound side of their site. The result is that you can get lost. That is to say, your connection will go away without a clear reason or warning. In other words, you were inadvertantly bumped off due to unexpected high traffic.

Having said this, is it possible that you experienced this outage during a snow day off work or school. After all, 5 hours is a long time to be home on a school day or work day.

Anxious to hear back.


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