This program has performed an illegal act..


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During the use of various Windows 98 programs, an error message which reads,"this program has performed an illegal act and will be shut down". This has been going on for a while. It is extremely frustrating when I am online and get kicked off, which happens often when I'm using Internet Explorer. I have tried to fix it, but have had no success. I feel like an idiot, but I've tried to uninstall Windows 98 and cannot. I was told to uninstall it and then reinstall it, which was my plan, but I could use some assistance. I would appreciate it. Thanks.
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It's not really hard to do. You will need to make a startup disk out of <ctrl panel> <add/remove programs> Pop a floppy in the a:\ drive, put Win98 CD in the drive and shut computer off. Turn it back on. Leave the floppy in the drive. It is going to come up and ask if you want to start with <CD ROM> support, click <NO> you will come up at the A:\ prompt. Type <format c:> <enter> Nag screen will ask you if your sure because you lose everything! No recovery! Tell it <YES> It will display format progress. When it is finished it will ask for a <Label> just hit <Enter> for none or type in what you want to ID/Label the drive. I suggest <None>. Now when you are back at the A:\ prompt shut unit off. Turn it back on. Now you get the 3 choices again, tell it to <Start w/CD ROM> support. (1st choice) If your drive is not partitioned when you come back to the A:\ prompt, type <D:\setup> <Enter> and there you go. About an hour later you have what is called a "Clean Install". By the way, this can only be done with an OEM Windoze 98 disk, not the upgrade disk. My suggestion is to run to the computer shop or book store and buy a copy of Windows 98 SE. That's the latest 98 (other than ME) out and is pretty stable for Windoze. Make sure you backup your address book, write down your internet settings etc. Once you format it's all over.
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illegal opps

I couold give you an exact fix if I knew what the exact error message reads. If you have not already started to format your machine please do look.. Click on the details button when you get the error message and make note of the message. Here is a link to Microsofts knowledge base on how to fix your problem depending on what your error message reads...

You have to replace one of two window cabinet files instructions in link.
Good luck!
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I get the same problem when using either IE or Netscape - especially when trying to access my Netscape Webmail. Looking at the details says that the program (IE or Netscape) has caused a stack fault in WSOCK32.DLL file and gives a bunch of codes.

Sometimes when I first log on, I get a "illegal operation" but from a program called "MTX_.exe" or something like that.

Also a funny thing is that when I restart my computer, I automatically get the Dial-up window to connect to my ISP, but it looks different than the normal Dial-up connection that pops up when I first launch IE or Netscape.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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Exclamation Huh, does't sound like your uninstalling window too.

Hi Niranjan,

If your would open a new thread with your problem, I might have a suggestion for your problem. I won't reply to this thread because I find it is too confusing to work with 2 different people and their problems on one thread. If you open a new thread, please include what Windows system, 95, 98, etc and relevant application information.

Happy New Year

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Thanks Mark. I have started a new thread. If there is any other info about my system that would be helpful, please let me know.

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