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Home Server

Ok, I have a sever in my home running Windows XP Pro. I use remote desktop to manage the server. As long as I'm on the LAN at home I can access the server. I want to be able to use Remote Desktop to also be able to access the server when I'm away from home. I can access my router remotely because I have that feature enabled in the router itself. What else do I need to do to be able to access my server when I'm away from home? If it matters it's a Belkin router.
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you'll need a service like go to my pc or a fixed ip to locate your server, i have used the free service from dyndns.com to register your free domainn and assign a fixed ip to your domain, from there either the router or the server ( with a small vpn client software installed ) let dyndns.com know what your current IP is, from there remote login is easy
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I use Dyndns to create a static ip address. Best of all its free and most routers will automatically update to dyndns. if your router dosent do that, then just run the client on your pc. I then use Ultra VNC to access my computers from the road. You install the server on your pc and adjust all the settings. Install the viewer on your laptop or whatever you use and you will now be able to log in to your computers from free from anywhere in the world

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