New computer disaster


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New computer disaster

My computer was blocked from the internet. I elected to purchase a replacement because it was already 5 years old. HUGE MISTAKE. I sought to purchase as simple a computer as possible. I ended up purchasing an [I]e[I]machines preloaded with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.
I tried to get the peripherals that had been working well with Windows XP (upgraded to service pack 3) to work with the new computer.
No problem with my old dinasour of a monitor.
Took some searching and a download to ge my Brother MFC 210C printing.
My Logitech M/N A-0356A headphone receives but when I put a call through on Skype, the person on the other end could not hear me. I had no problem hearing her.
When I tried to test my headphones via Skype's ECHO the call rang and rang with no answer. I am still wondering if I will get any response from Skype support.
The D-Link DSB-C310 camera failed to be recognized.
I later learned that the camera is NOT COMPATIBLE with Windows 7.
As to the headphone, microsoft provided a list of 38? (that is over 380) items, most of which had nothing to do with headphones, for me to sort through to check compatibility.
emachines chat support declared that if it did not come in the box, I would have to purchase support.
Windows says that if 7 came pre-loaded, I have to get my support from the computer manufacturer.

I also learned that, as of some time ago, I cannot purchase a computer pre-loaded with anything other that Windows 7. It also appears that Windows XP is no longer available for downloading.

It appears that my best recourse is to cure my Compaq Presario SR1910NX and get the emachines unit back to Wal*Mart before 15 days as of Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2011. I will have to do this with flash drives (and without reconnecting any to the new computer).
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win 7

i think you can still buy OEM version of XP from Tiger Direct ( looks like they offer Media Center 2005 ), as I bought XP OEM from them ( sp2 ) and patched up to sp3. but all new computers now a days are sold with windows 7, vista ones ( if you can find one ) can usually be "downgraded" to xp , have yet to see ( or try ) a current win7 box to downgrade to xp, it's a;ll a matter of drivers. and the critical ones are video, network card and sound. other sites that claim to have xp oem I would be leery of,as it would be interesting if they can indeed activate
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Type the name of the device plus the words "windows 7" into google and see what comes up. You need the correct drivers for them to work. There is no guarantee you'll find the correct ones, I spent several hours trying to get a 4 year old webcam working. After installing everything I had on the device I somehow found a W7 screen that listed the exact drivers I needed so I selected them and now it works fine.
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I know Dell will still sell them with XP with an upgrade disk to use later on...anyway I have a similar problem. I bought a top of the line machine with 7 64 bit and now I find the large program I have to use to design electrical panels won't work on 64 bit win7. I was able to go to Microsoft and download XP and virtual computer program and I can now run XP when I have to, but have to re load any programs on it as well such as adobe etc. Probably not the best thing for you but works for me. I would suggest buying a new XP or Vista disc and installing it on your machine. Should be able to do that and run two systems, or , format the new system and install XP. Should be able to make an install disc for 7 when you need it later.
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Sounds like you didn't have too many problems with your old computer aside what sounds like a software issue preventing you from going online. I suggest, unless you're willing to replace non-working peripherals, to give back the ne PC and just reinstall WinXP on the old one. Do a fresh install (you may have to reinstall a bunch of drivers when you this, but at least you know they exist).

If you have a windows activation key sticker somewhere on your old PC then all you need is to get/borrow/download (ask a techie friend) an OEM disk (can't use the retail version). You already own the license to it, and I assume you just lost the disk. If I'm wrong, and you never paid for the winxp license to begin with and don't have a sticker or disk with a key, then you may want to consider looking around to purchase a legitimate XP disk.
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have you tried the xp compatability option ? your correct on you can only buy a computer now with windows 7 , microsoft is dropping updates and support for xp come end of this year and vista next year sometime , vista was concidered a major flop due to all the issues with it compaired to xp . my self i had no issues with it other then i hated the user account control and turned it off ( in turn sets a security alert ) but i also have ultimate .. another thing you may concider is a dual boot system , xp on part of your drive and 7 on another part or if your old computer hard drive was sata plug it in and use is as a slave drive . just make sure you take note on what drive is what so when the computer boots you can make sure that the windows 7 drive is still first boot device .. i just noticed you said your computer was blocked from the net , how was it blocked from the net ? i have ran across issues where the web browser couldnt connect due to setting got changed to a proxy set up instead of direct connect , also have you checked your network connections in the control pannel and make sure your getting a connection to the computer ?? i know quite a bit on trouble shooting xp as that is what i started learning off of bout 10 yrs ago when i started fixing my own problems with my computer ... another idea is you may have a corrupt file on your hard drive / or virus causing this and may be just as simple to wipe the drive of all (saving off what files you need ) file and reinstalling xp back on to the drive ..
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mikerios slim chance on the downgrading to xp from vista , most that came out with vista are not backwards compatable and at that rate with xp going out of support @ the end of the year it would be kinda point less to buy a xp disk with it going out of support and no more updates being offered at the end of the year

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