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Hello <again>

Previously I posted a "Fair Warning" regarding the downloading of the latest version of Windows Media Player version 7.0. With that warning I posted the Fatal Exception code pertaining to the error.

That error code was: 0E at 0177:BFF8ABGE
<whatever that means???>

While posting on a web site recently, my trusty, reliable, always stable in the past and professionally customized windows '98 computer CRASHED again!!! A totally rare occassion on this computer.

The crash caused my monitor screen to go totally blue, displaying the crash code and two choices. Hit any key to resume or Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
<The second choice was the only one that worked.>

Spare the foul language remarks, I was highly SHOCKED and upset once again.

The error code this time was: 0E at 0177:BFF87EB5
<whatever this one means???>

Anyone have any ideas? What does that code mean?

Like many others, I too in the past have attempt to get a confirmed solid answer to a computer code error from windows help web sites. As mentioned in my prior posting and in my prior experiences, in my opinion, it's an exercise in absolute futility!!! <Dog chasing it's tail>

Does anyone know what the last code error pertains to?

One should have cause for concern regarding those techies who write these software programs. <HAHA> I often wonder what causes them to display error codes and use wording like "illegal act" without explanations???

Any assistance deciphering these codes would be greatly appreciated.

There isn't any sign of a virus on this computer either.
Verified by an updated version of Norton AntiVirus Software.

Best Regards
Happy Holidays,
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Have you searched for Fatal Errors or fatal exception at http://www.microsoft.com in their Support Knowledge Base??

A lot of times this can help send you in the right direction.

look at this link

Good luck,
Randy H
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Thanks for those links. I'll give them a try. Especially the second link. One of which I didn't even know about.

Until that crash recently, I didn't ever have any need for a web site to locate explanations for error codes, to be honest. It has been almost two years, on this machine, since my last freeze-up or crash. <Thanks to the level three technicians at Compaq.>

And once again, thanks for your help. For a while there I didn't think anyone on this web site or anyone visiting this forum and reading my question would ever reply with any usefull information. Fact is I almost totally gave up returning and looking for a reply.

Thanks to you I now have a site to explore error codes. Hopefully, never again having to tolerate a crash.
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did you figure ot your fatal crash problem?


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