New Video Card and Two monitor setup


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Hey all,
I'm new to this Community so I thought I'd start out saying hi. From what I've read so far, this forum seems very informative. I'm trying to learn Windows in depth. I have mastered navigating through windows and want to be able to control it. Other than that, I'm a Mac user (please, no comments :-)

My problem: I installed a Voodoo 3 on my girlfriends Emachines computer. Great card. The only problem is that the machine now thinks it is hooked up to two monitors. I breifly checked the system BIOS and I looked for a jumper on the board. Unfortunately, the printer hook up has the little black box with the cables going over the monitor hook up so I can't see if it has jumpers....ideas on how to fix this? Is there something specific in the BIOS I should look for?
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Need a little more info. What was the original video card in the E machine.
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Sorry..hehe. Told ya I'm new. It's the Onboard ATI Rage Pro (2 I think). It's a 4MB card I believe. Its one of those default thingys.

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Never seen that problem before. Oh well couple things to try.

1. Check in bios for an option to disable onboard video.
2. doh, dumb,forget two
3. Right click on my computer, choose properties, device manager, select the extra monitior, properties, check disable in this profile.
4. start/settings/control panel/ add remove software, make sure any ati programs are uninstalled.
5. You could also delete both monitor devices in device manager, reboot, and let windows reinstall. Hopefully you would only get one. Just make sure you have the correct .inf file for monitor, usually will come on a software disk supplies or can be downloaded from the manufacturer. Windows will use a generic if it can't find the right one, this works okay sometimes.
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Should add that neither one of those two vid cards supports dual monitors so it has to be seing both vid cards yet.
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Talking Making Progress

First off,
Thanks for your help so far. I went into the device manager and disabled the ATI Rage Card. When I rebooted, it's only recognizing the new Voodoo. YAY! But, I am still only able to have a 640X480 resolution in the Display Properties. When I highlight it, it goes grey and will only be in that one spot. I tried changing the color settings and the voodoo properties and software. I've hit another wall. Any other suggestions?

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Change to std vga adapter, reboot, and then reinstall the voodoo drivers.

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