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I am in the process of replacing our computer and plan to donate the one in use to charity. Does anyone out there know the detailed procedures for transferring favorate book marks, downloads etc. to new computer ? I would also like to clear this one before it is placed in unknown hands.. Your assistance with this task will be greately appreciated by me. Sincerely, Jim W.
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Moving Info

There are several ways to move bookmarks, downloads, etc. The simplest is to save them to a floppy disk or CD-RW. I believe IE5 and later has info under HELP on how to move bookmarks. The other option is to get a program like Norton Ghost and "ghost" the drive that has the info you want and move it to another drive. Lastly, if you're handy, temporarily intall the drive from your old computer into the new one and copy the files from the old drive to the new one.

Once you've moved/saved your file, you should run a program like Norton WipeInfo on the old disk. This will write a random series of bits over the disk which would prevent all but the most ardent snoop from seeing what was on the drive. You can also do a format on the disk, but you'll lose the OS that way. Your choice.
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Some More info

Look at the message from BForman on deleteing info from my hard drive. The one reply gives a pretty good explanation of what to do. The reply I saw was dated 12/14/2000 or thereabouts.

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