Pavilion M8000N Questions


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Pavilion M8000N Questions

Hi I have a few brief questions I want to post to the forum. I just bought an HP Pavilion M8000N media center pc at auction and have questions I can't get answers from HPs forum as they are working on it. First question how large a hard drive can this take? Second question I want to add a video card with hdmi which one in your opinion would be best. Third and final question is about the power supply it currently has a 300 watt power supply would going to 400 watts be safe? I ask because most video cards take a great deal of power to run. As for memory I think I can figure that out and have answers to that. I also have an answer on the hard drive but want to see what people here have to say about this. So if you own this computer or know of someone who has successfully modified it without too much expense like a new motherboard please let me know what was done. Thank you very much for your help!
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Any PC will hold as big of a hard drive as you can get provided it is the right size (2.5 or 3.5) and right type (SATA, PATA, or SCSI). As far as power supplies go, an 850 watt would even work. It doesn't provide any more voltage to the components in use it just provides more connectors to connect more components (and more for higher demand cpus and gpus). The latter might require looking up the motherboard information. Other thing to mention for the power supply is the form factor make sure it is the same (probably ATX). As for video card, that depends on the motherboard. A good site to look for parts is New Egg. I have not looked up the specs for this particular computer, but I have built several PC's and most of the stuff is universal. Make sure form factors are correct and just compare items. Today a very powerful system can be built for under $500 from scratch. Having a case and potentially everything else means just finding compatible parts and swapping them out. As for memory, look up motherboard specs as you need to know what type, speed, and max capacity for motherboard. Also if it is Windows XP you are limited to 4GB of memory.

Hope this helps.

(Depending what others chime in with I may try and do further research later and offer better suggestions, as of right now, I'm going to bed.)
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hi hedge and guys Ė

This might be your motherboard, in case you already donít have your motherboard information. If it isnít, then Ö.. never mind!lol

HP and Compaq Desktop PCs - Motherboard Specifications, M2N68-LA (Narra6L) - c01925548 - HP Business Support Center

Iím not much of a PC guy, but I hacked one together from scratch a few years ago. Probably an overkill, but I have a big case with lots of fans etc. But I helped my sister set up her HP Pavilion ??? a few years ago and I was surprised how hot it was in the back of the case.

So I donít know whether or not you might have to look out for a heating problem with your case if you add some things? I would think you might be able to add fans if that were a problem? Donít know that much. My add-in video card has its own fan (guess most do?). So I guess that helps. Since you have PCI expansion slots seems like you should be able to add a video card.

Think there are folks here who know enough about it who could advise you if you pick out certain components.

Good luck!
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Hi everyone. Thanks for your help so far. I will tell you a bit more about what I want to do and what I have done so far. First what else I want to do I am going to put Windows 7 on this computer. It had Windows Vista originally but since there is no hard drive why bother with that as it just causes problems As for a power supply I did talk to someone who works at a power supply manufacturer and he said check with HP as some of the motherboards can't take too much voltage. I guess it has something to do with what HP wants and not what the motherboard manufacturer wants to make. Then again he could be just doing that so he doesn't hold his company liable for anything, I understand that jobs are hard to come by now a days. I did a build myself a few months ago and my first one at that and really like my MSI motherboard but wanted to get something together without much hassle so this just fit the bill and had some nice things on it. So that is my update for now, now I go eat my dinner. I look forward to your suggestions you have been most helpful.
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Windows 7 will probably require a RAM upgrade as well.

Upgrading that old computer will cost you more than buying a much faster one. Sad, but true. If you paid $25 for it plan to pay $300 to $400 in upgrades to get it to run on Win7.

You're better off these days buying an off-the-shelfer for $400.

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