Menu and task bars


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Menu and task bars

Since you guys are always helping me with my pc problems, I have another one for you. My wife's monitor gave up the ghost yesterday. Being the gentleman that I am, I gave her mine and got another. I have "lost" my menu and task bars!! The only thing that I can access is "" I downloaded Yahoo toolbar and installed it and got the tool bars and task bar for a second, then I got the Inbox right back. It really has me flustered. I'm running Win 7 Pro in a HP CPU. Do you guys have any Ideas??
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Did you try hitting F11? I hit that a few times by accident myself.
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Thanks. I'll give it a try.
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If the size is different between the two monitors you made needs to try reseting the screen size on the actual monitor. Some have a nifty autosize function. Otherwise look for the ones that look like a screen overlaying a box, or arrows point side to side or up and down.

Hope this helps.

(just thought of this)

If you aren't that tech savvy, what I am referring to is the menu button on the actual monitor. Usually there is a plus and minus key or something of that nature to navigate menu items. Also even if you went from a 17" monitor to a 17" monitor, but the new one is a widescreen this is most likely the culprit.

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