cleaning a hard drive


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Question cleaning a hard drive

I have a 9 year old Emachines desk top,
that is still in working condition.
I have the 2- 'Emachines restore' CD's that came with it.
can I wipe the hard drive clean( get rid of any personal info) - then use these CD's to re-install windows xp, to make it like it was when i purchased it?
so it can be put in a garage sale, or given to someone to use ?
if it can be done,
is it some thing 'I' can do?
I am not a p/c guru!
are there some fairly simple steps ?

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Sure you can....
The simple methods don't ABSOLUTELY remove all info...but for the casual user who isn't searching with fancy software, it would be fine.

Just reformatting the drive (may be part of the reinstall process) will prevent the avg person from getting anything.
I'd try to find a free program to wipe and format the drive and just sell the CDs with it...since most of those disks require personal info to be entered during the loading process (I think).

I'm sure some of the experts will be around.
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Put the disc in the drive and boot the computer. It will walk you through the process of reformatting and reinstalling.
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I use ccleaner to clean my drive's caches and it has an overwriter built into it. Between reinstalling the OS, reformatting the drive and overwriting the free space, there's just not going to be many people who can get data off the drive when you're done.

That said, a nine year old PC? How much are you going to pay people at the garage sale to take it off your hands?
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Thumbs up

i agree, its not worth any thing, that's why i didn't want to spend any thing cleaning the drive.
& it is not worth spending the money on to put a new drive in then buy an o.s., even if i gave it to some one!
but it still works, i figured a kid or some one might have use for it ?

thanks for the input,
i will try running the recovery disk & see what happens.
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I would use DBAN to clean the drive before you sell/give it away. This way even if they run a normal file recovery program they will not be able to find anything.


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