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How do I connect my computer and TV to the cable that I have for computer cable hook-up? I have a home office that has cable connection for my computer and would like to get cable to my TV also(I do have the service for my home)which is also in the office. Can this be done?
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I'm not an expert on this but its not to hard.The 1st thing you need is a splitter to split cables to tv and computer.Then on the tv side you need a filter so you dont get interferance on the tv.You do not put one on the computer side.I am not sure of the exact name of the filter but should be easy to get at radioshack.My filter is a pico tthpf02m..hope this helps
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when refering to cable to your computer , are you refering to cable feeding a tuner card on the computer or high speed cable internet feeding a network card on the computer.

My personal feeling is if it is cable internet, I personally would prefer a dedicated line to the computer with no splitters, perhaps the cable company may have a splitter either on the outside of the house, or just as it comes inside, but I would not be putting any division/splitting/amplifiers or whatever in the line leading to the computer, you may split or do wahtever you want to any other cable lines you have but not the one feeding the cable internet. Any inferier splitter, or amplifier in the internet feed, coul degrade you speed/signal. Not saying you would not get away with it, I just would not recommend it. If the cable you are refering to is just feeding a tuner card, then no problem, you do lose 3 to 4 db for every splitter in the line, but that may not be that noticeable.

In the case of cable internet, my recommendation is fins another available cable feed in the house and split from there.

Another note when cable does an install they usually compensate at the cable connection on the street for any loss in splitters that they may have installed , where you don't have that ability, amplified splitters is an alternative only if needed, but I don't recommend use in the internet feed.

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