Seagate FreeAgent 500GB drive problem

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Seagate FreeAgent 500GB drive problem

I've had a Seagate FreeAgent 500GB external archive drive for several years. Recently the orange LED band that encircles the case front to back started pulsating (usd to stay on steady) & my PC no longer recognizes it. I've checked all of the connections & have powered it & my PC down several times. I know the drive is still spinning as when I unplug it I can feel it spin down. Anyone else have experience with Seagate externals & issues like this? I have registered with their forum but haven't gone there yet. Looking through just reading posts I didn't see anything. I always get good info from the great minds on this site so figured I'd come here! Thanks in advance for any input on this. Hoping I don't lose all of my data!!!

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I don't have a Seagate external hard drive but have run into problems something like this with a Lacie external hard drive. The problem though wasn't so much in the drive but in the usb port. I didn't know it at the time but the motherboard was failing and it was having all kinds of malfunctions.
I am not saying you are having the same problems but could be or it could be just the usb controller has gone bad on the computer and is not recognizing the drive. So I would try it on another computer first and if it works there you know you have at least a problem with the usb controller and hopefully no other problems. If you know your external hard drive is still good then look your computer over with the cover off and see if the board still looks good with no blown capacitors. If it looks good then buy yourself a usb controller card and you should be back in business. Just be sure to unplug the computer first you don't want it accidentally going on when you put the new card in. Good luck to you!
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Have you tried running the drive troubleshooter?
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Diddo to what hedgeclippers wrote. I had a Seagate that originally came with a Y-cable. It required 2 USB connections to my PC and powered the drive through 1 USB. I lost my Y-cable and had a heck of a time accessing my data. Some USB cables I had could power the drive, but it would click and blink (which I assumed it wasn't getting enough juice). Nonetheless, I could get data off it. So, as hedgeclippers stated, sounds like a voltage issue, in that - in your case - maybe your USB is failing on your PC. Didn't really offer much other than some peripheral information.
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I recently bought a Seagate GoFlex Desk 2TB USB drive. Had it for less than a month and then the computer couldnt see it and then could see it, on and off with increasing frequency. The first thing I did was try it on another computer and the same thing was happening. I tested the USB port with another USB device and it had no problems. I reattached the drive and played with the computer end of the cable. There, not there, there, not there. I brought it with me to where I bought it and tried a cable from another drive. End of problem.

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