IPAD2 connection to ethernet network with WIFI


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IPAD2 connection to ethernet network with WIFI

I am getting an IPAD 2 this Christmas with WIFI and I would like to know if I can connect it to the Internet through one of my 3 computers that are connected on an ethernet LAN. All three have WIFI capability. I have one on Windows 7, one on Vista and one on XP. If this is possible, can you provide a few steps to get it to work? Thanks.
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That's an excellent question! I don't know the answer but I suspect it is no, that you need a wireless router or a wireless "access point" connected to the router.

Hopefully some of the computer gurus have the real answer.
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I think it can be done with laptops/pc's with an operating system - but what I have seen from IPOD's and IPADS there is not much configuration available. The method I found below requires setting the PC's IP manually on the wireless side. I would recommend a Wireless Router to your Xmas list.

Setting Up Ad Hoc Wireless Network in Windows XP
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I an not sure just how helpful this will be to you but I found a video that talks about how to set up the Ipad. I didn't listen to it as I have my tv on right now and only glanced at it. From what I saw it kind of looks like it skims over all of the features and quickly shows you how you can go online with the Ipad here is the link How To Set Up and Start Using the iPad | Portable Music & Video Players | Howcast.com . I wish you luck with it from what little I have heard about the Ipad they are nice. I like my laptop though I guess I am just old fashioned
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If you want to connect through a computers wireless card your going to have to setup and ad hoc network like mentioned earlier.

Once you have an ad hoc network and enabled internet connection sharing you should be able to get internet access on your IPAD.

The only problem with ad hoc networks is you have to leave the computer on all the time and if there is a problem with that computer then it can effect the ad hoc network. The better way of getting wifi is to buy a wireless router which really aren't that expensive plug it into your Cable or DSL modem and then plug the 3 computers which are probably using Ethernet cables into the back of the router as well since most home routers usually have 4 or more Ethernet ports on the back of them and then everything should be good to go.
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First of all, thanks for all your comments. In regard to the wireless router, I did check on a few of these and they indicate they all have at least 4 10/100 ethernet ports. Does this mean that I simply unplug the existing ethernet router and plug the ethernet cables back into the wireless router? If so, do I then have a wired network as well as a wireless one? Can the existing computers then continue just as before, and the IPAD could use the wireless side and get to the internet that way?
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Correct...it's just about that simple. You will want to set up security since the wireless will be available to anyone within range. Not that difficult but some of the terms used may be new to you.

I have a router with a button to simply turn off the wireless w/o having to go into the control setup. Very convenient. We use wired connections 99.9% of the time, but we do have a laptop that I occasionally need to get online with and if we have visitors we can turn it on for their devices.
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