Why can't I split ethernet cable ?


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Why can't I split ethernet cable ?

I read other posts, says ethernet cable (CAT5) can not be splitted, must use some kind of switch/router. Can some one tell me why ? I have to split the CAT5 cable on my phone/network patch box to support 2 computers in different rooms. The patch box is very small, there is no room for me to put any switch or router in there. Can I just wire them together so that one INPUT cable splited into 2 and connect to 2 OUTPUT cables ? Thanks.
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Data on a network cable is a lot like a telephone line.
When there is two way communication you need something to separate the different data streams.
It would be like having two telephones on one line and expecting them to be able to place two different calls at the same time.
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I think the only way it could be done is to unplug the cable or completely shut down the computer after each use. Basically only one could be used at a time. When I say used I mean connected to the line. Even when the PC is not in active use...if the PC is connected and powered up...the line is in use.
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There is a type of splitter but it just enables you to use the unused wires in the cable as a second Ethernet cable You have to use one on either end. Amazon.com: HDE RJ45 Ethernet Splitter: Electronics

To use the phone analogy most phone cables have a second pair of unused wires. You can use that second set for a second phone line. Each phone conversation travels on its own set of wires.
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Thanks folks. .
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It splits the cable using 4 wires per device as pic shows fromn link.

Mike NJ

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The splitter can work because 100mps networks use only two of the four pairs of wires in a Cat5e cable. Each computer still needs its own port on a router or switch at the far end.

This rig cannot work on gigabit networks or devices such as some VOIP phones that use power over ethernet (PoE) because all four pairs are used for each connection.

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