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The power goes out at work and we get lost connections with aol. So we take out the port in the bios and reinstall it and reset aol and try again. I say its the battery and another guy says its the powersupply either way now we cant get back on line. It says in use or just not responding.

Once before we got it back by resetting the com port 2 and modem but now even if we strip it down and reinstall everything nothing.....
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Is this a single computer or is it networked with others ?
AOL dialup connection , or AOL via another ISP and if so is the ISP via dialup or DSL / cable ? When you say you lost connections ? clarify, give me all error messages when you try to connect and can't ? When you are unable to connect, does rebooting the computer get it back ?
Rebooting by shut-down - off power to computer - and on/re-boot ?? If a crutial work computer used for work related activities, a UPS backup power supply may also in order which will maintain power after if the building power is lost, the need for this depends on how crutial the system is in relation to the business. Update me with the requestion information ? What is your operating system ?
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Your too vague, Operating system? Win98, 95? Is the power in the whole building going out or just on the computer? Are you on battery power or AC? Is the computer going into standby? You may be having aproblem with the Power Managment setup. You need to be more specific about what happens before the crash... If you are having to go into the Bios to reset the com port I would bet you are having a motherboard or memory problem. How old is the board? Memory old? When was the last time you did a scan disk? Defrag? Is it an old 386? 486? Internet explorer 5.?. Talk to me

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