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Hello friends, I wanted to see if anyone knows what some of the things I found after a crash may be. I clicked a link and my screen went fatal exception blue with nothing on it. I didn't access the link just blue instantly. The link probably did't have anything to do with my crash. Rebooting brought me to a Windows DOS promt but nothing would take. After much work I got my boot disk to load diagnostics to D: and ran scandisk which made my hard drive make some aweful noises. What was happening was scandisk found 2 "invalid long filenames" and would stop scanning. At some point scandisk asked me if I wanted to repair the damage. After this was done it found about 1000 crossed clusters and about 300 corrupt temp files. The crossed clusters were repaired and the temp files deleted. At this point I still could only get a Windows DOS promt that wouldn't process. Up until this point I didn't have CD-ROM drive that would work but was finally able to run my recovery disk. All is well now but my questions are: What are "invalid long filenames" and why would accessing them cause noise in the hard drive? What could cause "crossed clusters"? I'm not to concerned about the corrupt temp files but if anyone has input on this lets have it. Virus scan has turned up nothing. I only use net based email and don't do attachments. If anyone ever comes against such an anomoly don't give up. All of the things I did to this PC took as many as 20 failed attempts before success...Mike
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Hey Mike, Sounds like a bad script. Could have been Java or Active X. Could even have been an on purpose destructive script. If you have been OK after you came back online I would just watch it and see how things go. First thing is get a backup of your email etc... If it hammers you again, format. These jagoffs write these scripts without thinking or without the knowlege of what certain types of scripts can do. Internet is fun huh?

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