Smart TV's and wirelss computer connections?


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Smart TV's and wirelss computer connections?

I originally posted this question in the TV section and a member recommended I post the question to the computer forum.

My question is trying to understand if any new TVís have the technology to allow an easy connection with a laptop (or network). Primarily I would like the ability to project a computer disply to the TV in a very simple manner to allow the other people sitting in the room to see what Iím looking at (instead of turning the laptop and having everyone look at some funny video clip I found). From what Iíve read most TVís do not have this technology available?? It seems I may need to buy separate equipment for a wireless connection via an HDMI or USB input. It doesn't appear that SmartTV's (wifi capable) allow for this type of function??

I would love to be able to pause the DVR, switch the TV input and display something of interest quickly to the room, and then go back again. I currently have a wireless router (and Dell Inspiron, Netbook, and old desktop) and will also be purchasing a home network storage systemÖ(in case there are any suggestions that would make sense for configuring through a network). If there is some type of equipment as part of a new TV purchase that would make this conversion easier and give me more flexibility in the future, please let me know. Thanks!
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Most LCD TV's have a computer input. My computer also has an option to wirelessly connect to a Toshiba TV, but since I don't have one, I don't use it.
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Thanks for the reply. I'm sure I'll have a VGA input and many HDMI inputs. It's interesting about your Toshiba wireless connection with your computer. I'm wondering if other TV manufacturer's have this same thing. Many sales people talk about wifi and SmartTv but I don't get a clear picture of the full potential of the wifi connection (I understand the Youtube, Netflix, Facebook access but that's about it.....)

I'm not even sure how to execute the setup if the TV were on my wireless network. I'm thinking that most TV's are not equipped for what I want to do. I probably just need to buy a wireless vga/s-video/hdmi type of converter (or hard wire...not so convenient) after purchasing the TV. I'm trying to avoid buyer's remorse by understanding the equipment options available on SmartTVs.

If anyone else has a recommended wireless connection, or setup scheme, please let me know. Thanks.
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From what I have heard about smart tvs you can connect them to Netflix and probably Hulu too. You can also connect them wirelessly with your router and as long as you have a decent connection with high speed internet you are good to go. In my own personal opinion I like Toshiba tvs myself as they seem to have the least problems I also like lcd tvs best as they are cheaper than the led tvs and offer just as good a picture. I found an article on pcworlds website that might interest you and it is about smart tvs they also had other articles about smart tvs but this is about the very latest technology here is the link Smartest HDTVs of CES 2012 | PCWorld Good luck to you in your search.
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you can connect your laptop and TV wirelessly via its USB port. A Q-Waves Wireless USB AV kit is available in the market which you can insert into your VGA or HDMI port of tv. But it has a drawback that its range is small, upto 10m and only works when both sender and receiver i.e. laptop and TV are in line of sight.
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I do this all the time. with my Del Insp 1520 - it has an svid output - just plug it in, open the grapics properties and switch to TV. Change the TV input to Svid. My Dell XPS laptop has hdmi out - same steps just use the correct port settings on laptop and tv.

So if your laptop has any kind of video out you shoud be able to do the same.
If your laptop does not have video out ports, you can purchase a USB divice
that will work.

If you have a wireless TV, there is software to send your laptop's video via wireless. My intel video card's plugin is called WIDI. I don't have a wireless TV or game system so I haven't tested it yet.
luck to you!

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