No speaker sound


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No speaker sound

Just recently i lost sound from my computer speakers.
I checked the power to them, and the 3.5 mm plug connection to the back of my computer.

Not knowing what else to check,i bought another set of speakers with the same result

Anybody have any suggestions ?
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Sounds like the drivers to the sound card has either gone corrupt or you can check simple fixes, by checking to see if the sound is muted, or that it is disabled. Try those out first though.
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I'm neither a computer nor audio expert- not even close, so forgive me if these suggestions are offensively simple!

I'd check:
What happens if you plug earphones directly into the 3.5mm plug??
If you get sound there, then it might be a really weird coincidence of 2 sets of bad speakers.(Not likely)

(This depends on your computer/OS,etc.)
Check to see if, somehow, your speakers are "offline??" with respect to the computer.
How??: In Windows 7: click : Control Panel; hardware and sound; Manage audio devices; look to see if the speakers are listed, and checked as the default device.

good luck with your problem!
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Thanks to both of you for your replies.

I found the speaker icon switch on the lower task bar(?)
had been switched off. May have been the result of others who use this computer.

Thanks again for your replies
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It sounds too easy but sometimes simply rebooting the computer will fix this issue also.
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Another thing to remember especially if you ever use your computer with a tv set and an hdmi connection you would need to change the sound settings to point to the hdmi cable in Windows 7 or you don't get any sound. I know I was stumped for a bit until I figured it out.
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Have you actually tried going into the settings on your computer and looked at all your sound options? Something may be accidentally turned off.
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Thanks, dodgejordan, and welcome to the forums. Your are correct, if a bit late. Please read post #4 above -- how the original poster solved the issue.

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