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screen resolution

I just replaced the monitor screen in my laptop. Every site that sold the screens cautioned to buy the screen with the same resolution as the original and not to try to change the resolution.

Just how important is this to prolong the life of the screen?

My laptop is an H-P nc8000 running Windows XP Pro. The screen is a an SXGA with native resolution of 1400 x 1050. I bought it used and I suspect it was made around 2006, maybe earlier. After I bought it I changed the resolution via XP to whatever the lowest resolution was in order to better see the icons and text. I ran it this way for several years and in the last few months I developed several clusters of vertical white lines and a general lack of contrast.

The new screen has a fantastic picture but again, using the 1440 x 1050 resolution makes it all but impossible for my tired old eyes to see. My glasses don't help much because they don't focus out to a comfortable range. Changing the resolution to either the lowest, or next lowest, setting makes it usable. Will this really cause problems earlier than if I left it at maximum resolution?
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Not a lap top but desk top. I have always used my computer from my easy chair, a distance of about five feet. By adjusting font sizes and other settings I am able to easily see a 1440x 900 monitor. I actually switched to Opera to better view DIY because Opera allows me to set a default zoom. On other browsers AFAIK zoom is a temporary setting. Starting about three updates ago DIY's coding could not properly adjust display to the font sizes I had always used thus the switch to Opera which allowed smaller font but appearance of larger font due to zoom.

OK I went off point a bit, hope it wasn't to confusing, but my point is by juggling display settings other then resolution I can get a good display at five feet on a twenty inch monitor. You should be able to do the same, especially on a laptop at closer range.

One critical detail is to set a minimum font size. Most Desktop and browser display settings do not set a minimum font by default. That must be changed.
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I use Firefox and while I CAN zoom text it doesn't change the size of the text box, icons, pictures or the like. With my desktop and a 19 inch monitor I can have a text box in my Yahoo mail that takes up the majority of the screen BUT on the laptop (with the high resolution) it fills maybe 1/6th of the screen.

I've been using a Samsung SyncMaster on this desktop for several years at a lower than native resolution and I see NO sign of deterioration. Bottom line is that high resolution does nothing positive for me so I really prefer the lower resolution as long as it won't cause the screen to quickly deteriorate into another chunk of crap. If it merely shortens the life from 20 years down to eight or ten I can live with that.

I just checked, I'm running 1024 x 768 on this desktop.
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Most of what I've read says damage can occur when the resolution is increased to above native, not decreased.

Two other adjustments are available in XP: (1) Right click on the desktop and select Properties/Appearance. Change font size to Extra Large. (2) Right click on the desktop and select Properties/Settings/Advanced. Change DPI to 120.

XP also has Accessibility apps in the Start/Accessories menu. Magnifier is like hovering a magnifying glass over the screen.
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Glad to hear that decreasing the resolution shouldn't be a problem Like Furd, I need the larger print/images in order to see good. When I first found out about the maginifier I thought it would be a good thing but it's more trouble than it's worth.

Several yrs ago I had a pair of glasses made [with doctor's blessing] that have just the bifocal prescription. It works well for me - I no longer have to tilt my head up to use the pc
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I think your thought process is sound, Furd - so what if the monitor life is shortened by a couple years (if it even is), it's too much hassle to use the computer if the monitor is too small to see.

Just a cost of doing business.
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I reset it to the lowest resolution and I'm happy.

Thanks for all the comments and help.

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