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When I get incoming e-mail and print I get the message twice.I don't mean that I print two pages but rather the message repeats, the second in a different font. Seem to recall that there was a question asked at some point whether I wanted to activate html or text (does that make sense ?). Anyway, can any adjustment be made by me or by those sending and how can I eliminate the duplicate print.
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Are you running windows me (millineum) by chance ?
2 thing that come to mind , somehow the default number of copies is set to 2, but doesn't explain the change in font. Does this happen when you print from any other programs such as a word processor ?

I've had a problem with windows me and me drivers on an epson 600 printer, where it would print out an extra sheet with certain programs, with a repeat of one line on the second page , and all indicators was that 1 page was being sent to the printer. This printer is networked and the 2nd computer with windows 98 drivers send to the same printer fine. Had to delete the printer drivers on the computer with windows me and then re-install. Sometimes the win 98 drivers will work better with me than me drivers, guess its not perfected, although I still beleive unless there is a problem it is best to use me drivers if using windows me.

Check with the printer's manufacturers site for the latest drivers.

Another thing I've had happen is the printer itself gets HUNG UP sort of speaking, and starts printing incorrectly or garbage and the only way I could reset it is to actually unplug the power cord of the printer and then plugging it back in. Just switching the power button on the printer off and on , didn't seem to do it.

Please tell us if it only the email that does this, and which email client do you use. Also tell us your operating system, and make/model of printer.

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Incoming Email

Thanks for the response and perhaps I haven't made the situation clear.
First, I am using Win98 and primarily using webmail sources.
The problem again, is that I am getting the same message repeated when printed AND on the screen.
I do recall at some point being asked about a setup (which I don't recall) whether these messages would be acceptable in html or text or both. Whatever this came from I don't remember. It isn't a printer problem because of the appearance on the screen.
Hope I have described the situation more clearly.
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Re: Incoming Email

I didn't know you was using webmail, does it do it with a POP mail client or a wordproccer, or printing from other websites. If it doesn't do it with any other website, (use a plain basic website for testing) or application, it could be related to the way the webmail site is set up. If it is only on the webmail site, try email the site as it may be common to that site and they may have an easy way around it
Although it is a pain, you can highlight text and paste into notepad or other application and print from there, but I do realize you shouldn't have to do that. SO again, if it works fine from the word processor , or printing a basic web page, email the webmail site. There could be prefs at webmail site also that may help, but the site administration woul dbe able to help with that.

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