Help needed.. Computer frozen :-(


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I'm not entirely sure why, but my computer's been completely frozen for a few days now. I turn it on and it shows me my wallpaper but none of my desktop icons load and I don't have the start menu.

I think it might be a space problem because I was getting prompts letting me know that I was running out of space on C, in the week right before my computer froze up. I did delete several files, including the recycle bin and temporary files.

The next day, I was on the 'net for an hour, checked my mail and turned the comp off. That night, I turned it back on and noticed there was a problem.

*sigh* I don't know. I have to use my WebTV now that my comp has stopped working... and I'm starting to reeeally miss my computer. :'-(

Please let me know what I can do to fix this problem.
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pizza_man_, We've got to have more than that to go on! We need an operating system, any error messages,total RAM, how are your resources holding and free hard drive space to name a few.....Get back.....There are answers here..Mike
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Lightbulb Frozen computer

Hi Pizzaman;
You didn't say bit is it only the icons that won't appear? When you DC on start does the directory appear? If it does work to that point DC on start and go to RUn, type in DEFRAG and then start. This will enable your computer to restore the programs as they are probably fragmented. You may also want to run a SCANDISK on the drive as to ensure that there are no physical problems. You said you deleted the RECYCLE bin and temp files. Did you remove these programs or only empty the bin? But it does sound like you may have to many files on the computer. Get a good utility to manage the drive such as those made by Symnatec. Good luck
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I've got a Compaq Presario Desktop computer and I'm using Windows 98. I don't know how much total RAM is left and I didn't get any error messages besides the ones that told me I was running low on space in C (right before I started deleting files).

I don't have icons or access to the start menu or taskbar. The only thing that loads after the Windows startup logo is my computer's wallpaper.

The Recycle bin and Temp. files folders were not deleted, only emptied. I'd delete more if only I had the start menu but I don't..

Any ideas?

Thanks again
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pizza_man_, Will it boot into safe mode? Hold control down while booting.....Mike
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to verify mem and space, boot up on a boot floppy (assuming you have your bios set to book a then c) once you have booted up on a known good system (boot) floppy.
To check memory type at the dos prompt MEM (push enter) it should display memory stats. Now type DIR C: (push enter) it should now display your hard drive directory and free space available. If the space is at 0 or approaching that , you can use dos commands and delete some stuff that way but if you try that let me know so I can try and tell you what NOT to delete. Using DOS commands are a bit tricky , as your long filenames you are use to in windows are now truched and abbreviated.

I try to never let my drive space space drop bellow 500 meg. How large is your hard drive ?

If you can't get to safe mode and nothing else works then you may have to format the hard drive and redo the system, it is not as hard as you think just time consuming (1/2 day work)

Do you have your windows install CD, with your serial number for it. Compaq often ships their computer with what they call a restore CD, when in a lot less time can redo the system in less time as their restore CD is actually an image of the hard drive when it was shipped from the manufacturer. Tell me what you have. Also tell me the exact model of compaq you have and if you have not changed any cards in it , I might be able to find out what was in it when it was shipped. When you redo a system you lose your personal data files, such as personal letters you have written, email on your pop3 client, etc.

Don't worry you should be capable of redoing the system, I should be able to talk you thru it. Just tell me what you have , model number /make of compaq, if you have restore CD's or you have the operating system CD. Compaq also offers technical support if you registered the product and within one year of purchase, otherwise they charge per incident , and they may not provide support if you have changed hardware or operating system.

I have installed and redone a lot of operating systems on computers where a clean redo from the best option. It can be sometimes be far faster to redo the system than to spend hours trying to fix a corrupt operating system.

My home email is [email protected]
or we can continue reposting here , its up to you.


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