"Windows did not start successfully" boot loop


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Are you using the computer that had problems or another computer? You can't use that cable JerseyMatt suggested you use externally on a computer that doesn't have a hard drive installed inside the computer. You can however re-install the drive inside that computer and try the Windows XP disk. Good luck to you!
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I used the Win XP disk only, on the defective machine: the boot sequence is set to refer to the CD rom drive first, and got the results I noted earlier.

Have not yet received the adapter cable, but I understood the idea is to remove the defective drive, attach it via usb to a working PC, and run the CHKDSK utility on the defective drive through a DOS window... correct?
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It isn't a Dos window it is a Windows Window and you would use CHKDSK on the external drive. With Windows XP you can look on my computer and see where the external disk is right click on that drive and it will say disk properties click on disk properties and then click on the tools tab. It will say automatically fix file system errors click on that and click on scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors. You can only do that with another computer already running windows and will not need the disk for that. If you had that in the other computer then you would need the disk. So until you get the cable you can't do much unless you want to try the disk again. I wish you luck and this should fix the problem. If after you have done that you can see that hard drive on the other computer and properly access its files but not on the other computer then there is something wrong with the hard drive controller on the motherboard. It probably is software related but might not be. Until you get the cable you will not know for sure.
One other thing I want to ask you when you put the hard drive back in are you sure all of the cables including the drive cable was properly connected as that can cause the error message you received. If there was a problem with that then try what Jersey Matt told you to do and if not then just wait for the cable.

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That's very odd. If the BIOS sees the drive, then it should show up in recovery... Just for shiggles, try taking out the XP CD and try to boot it normally.. See if it goes back to the loop or if the BIOS kicks a "Disk Boot Error" message..

How is the drive listed in the BIOS (first page)? It should be something to the effect of Primary Master or 3rd Master (SATA primary channel is sometimes listed as '3rd'). If it's anything else, you likely hooked it back up to the wrong port. With SATA drives it's not normally an issue but it's something to check.
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I agree I am new to SATA drives myself as I always had the old PATA drives but from everything I ever heard about SATA drives it really shouldn't matter where the drive is connected as if you only have one drive Windows will just assign it one drive letter usually C:.
It looks more and more to me like a hardware problem but like I said you really need that cable JerseyMatt mentioned so use that on the other computer and see if it can be seen by that computer. It is odd though and I agree with JerseyMatt you did say the computer saw the hard drive. Computers though sometimes act in ways we don't think they will as the motherboard on the computer that went bad on one of my computers saw the hard drive but was hard to boot somewhat the way yours did. Well we shall see please do post back when you receive the cable and have tried it on another computer.

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