can not open 'c' drive


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i was given a cd to install from a realty company to view a presentation. after installing the cd and viewing it every time i attempt to double click my 'c' drive it opens that video. i have not been able to redirect my 'c' drive to actually open the drive. i can, however, right click on the 'c' drive and chose 'open' and get into my directory. any ideas?
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What operating system do you have ? The C drive is the hard drive, where are you clicking on the c drive, my computer ??
or are you actually refering to your cd rom which could be D or another letter if other hard drives, etc are on your system. Please clarify that ....

I need to know where you are clicking C , if it is indeed C.
I have an easy explainaion if you clicking on the cd rom, but C ??? what program did you install from the cd ?
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It sounds like the realty software developer wrote an autorun.inf to your c: drive. I would assume you are clicking on the C: drive in "My Computer" and not "Windows Explorer"?

Look for a file names autorun.inf in the root of your C: drive. If there's one there, you'll need to delete it.

Start, Programs, Windows Explorer.
Single left click on the C: drive.
Look on the right side of Explorer for an Autorun.inf file.
If you see one there, right click on it, then select delete.

Good luck!

Take care,
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thanks. i'll go home tonight and search for an autorun file. i have windows 98 and am clicking on my hard drive (c) in 'my computer'. if i right click from that window i can access my hard drive.
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I didn't know that the hard drive would run in an auto-insertion mode under windows like the cd rom. Convince me...

Because you can create the autorun.inf on the hard drive you use in burning a cd so that it will auto-insert(autorun), and this certainly does not cause this on the hard drive. Anyway prove me wrong...

Have you tried to uninstall the program to see if the problem disappears. Uninstall and reboot the computer before rechecking. You can always reinstall the program again as you have the cd. Disable autoprotect on any antivirus before installing.
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still no worko

i did find an autorun file in my 'c' drive and deleted it. nothing different happened. have no idea what the autorun file was for. it was just sitting in my 'c' drive under no folder. what next?
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Do this for me:

Start, Programs, MS-DOS Prompt

Type the following without the quotes:
"CD \"
"dir > dir.txt"

Now open up Windows Explorer and double click on the c:\dir.txt file and paste it's contents in here or email them to me. ([email protected])

We'll figure it out.

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got it!

deleted the autorun file. had to reboot a few times?? now i can open my 'c' drive from 'my computer.' i can't tell you what a huge relief that is. thanks.

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