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if i reboot my computer my modem will usually connect. but after using it once if i log off and try to reconnect it will dial, them make one beeping sound for one second and give a line failure error. do i need a new modem or need to install the drive again? thanks.
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By rebooting , do you just restarting windows without power shutdown, or with power shut off and then reboot. The beep sound that you hear , you mean the beep of the ISP when it asnswers the call, or computer beep, beep and it starts dialing or beep after you hear the dial tones but before it actually starts dialing. Give me the exact wording (word for word) of the error that comes up when it fails to reconnect. This info will help, beleive it or not. Repost, and I will reply back. What operating system to you use ?
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i use windows 98. i dial up. opens the port, i hear the dialing. then a single beep of the modem sound or a computer trying to connect. it is actually the sound you normally hear via modem but it only lasts a second and is cut short. hence i use the word 'beep'. i'll have to go home and do it to see what the actual error says. i usually 'restart' from windows or sometimes 'shut down' from windows but never turn off the power strip. it has been this way for a long, long time. thanks.
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So far...

I can see several possiblilities....
1. modem hardware problems.
2. driver problems.
3. the modem is falsely reconizing the ISP tone as a busy signal ?
4. ISP problems. (not likely if the corrective action is always rebooting)

Go to the modem's manufacturers site and get the latest driver for this modem, there may be a help section that notes known problems and solutions to it. What I meant about power , I don't care about the power bar , only if the computer is power off, or just rebooted with power on.

How long has it been like this, did it orginally work when you got the computer, or developed this promblem at a later date.

But give me the exact error message that you see WORD FOR WORD.
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when i try to log on it dials, beeps, and says 'unable to connect to network.'

didn't think it was a hardware problem since it works when i reboot. driver? whatdayathink?
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Drivers are available for free, check the manufacturers site for that modem, they should have the latest drivers. All you lose is a few minutes of your time.

I have had my modem hang up a couple of times, usually requiring a complte power shutdown to reset to correct, in my case it just kept thinking another device was using the modem therefore I couldn't excess it. It didn't happen that often and nowdays it never gets used because I now get internet via a network card hooked up to a high speed cable modem.

Another thing you could possibly , not sure if it will make a difference or not, is to move the modem card (assuming it is an internal modem) to another slot. If it PCI then move it to another PCi slot. If there is something with the windows system or computer that is hanging that card, moving slots may help, Plus windows will most likely go thru its FOUND NEW HARDWARE procedure.

I did once hook up a friends DSL , and no matter what we did we had problems with it, when the network card was moved , we were able to successfully set it up.

It may or may not help in your case but what do you have to lose.

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