Strange Messge when closing Windows


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When I shut down my Windows 95 computer, it says "Windows is working on a Program, cannot shut down."

What is causing this?

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PC Magazine's Startup Cop v1.01,,000YKL,.html

You will have to copy and paste this as it appears too long to work as a click link on DIY.

Go to this site and download Startup Cop to list all programs that are running or at least are set to automaticly runs at startup.

See if there is anything that obviously souldn't be running.

Also check any events that are in the schedule manager.

Any anti-virus programs running a scan in the background ?

Any printing or some program that you have not closed. Does it do everything you shutdown, or only sometimes.

What you done since the last time it worked properly and now, ie... software installed or uninstalled, hardware changes, etc. Does it say what is running, give me the exact word for word message.
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Specific message is:

Windows cannot shutdown because it is working on a file.

I hit Ctrl+Alt and then Delete to bring up Task Manager and didn't see anything extraordinary.

Also, this PC hannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngs for hair-raising lengths of time, sometimes a minute or more, when doing simple things as entering my screenname above and tabbing between fields.

Machine is clean - Temporary I-Net Files and Windows Temp folder kept to a bare minimum, ran Scan Disk and DeFragmenter, all check.

Still hangs!

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OK , now is a question of what file it is working on ? Could you tell me anything that happen between the time it last worked properly and the time you first started having this problem. Another thing, how much free space is left on the hard drive ? Recent software installed or uninstalled.
How much memory do you have ? CPU ? and what programs are in your start-up that automaticly start when windows start ? Lets start with these questions and we will go from there.

If worse comes to worse , the drive can be formatted and the operating system re-installed, it is something that you should be able to do , I would give as much instruction as I can, and this does solve most all problems (except hardware problems), I usually redo my system 2 or 3 times a year, but the system gets very well used.

We will try whatever solutions we can to avoid it but it may be option if other efforts fail. Answers the questions first.

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What type of computer? CPU? Memory? H/D size? Which Internet Explorer are u running? I will almost bet you are running into a power management hang. Go into CMOS at boot and try turning off the power management. Do a "Find" for the <Faultlog.txt> file and see what's in there? Since you are running 95 I would assume you are on an older system. When was the last time you formated? Are you running a Bed Scanner to scan pictures etc that runs software to shut the copy light off in the scanner? Lots of questions huh? But we need to know more about your system before going to much further...

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