Wi-fi problem


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Wi-fi problem

Am going to get one of those tablets everyone is talking about, but they all seem to use the over the air signal. My computers (3 of them) are all hard wired. Can you use both in a computer, Wi-fi and hard wired setups? Or does anyone have any idea's as to what I should do?
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I have one computer which is hard wired through the wifi router to the DSL modem. Wife's computer and Kindle use the wifi only.
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All you need is a Wifi router. Most have 4 ports on the for your hardwired computers and the Wifi for the rest. No issues.
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I didn't know some routers had both wi-fi and hard wired capability. For some reason I thought it was one or the other.
I like that idea, much appreciated.
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The hard wired connections have a slightly higher speed but all those wires sure can take up a lot of room if you have more than just one or even two computers...

You might look into getting either a PCI/PCIe WiFi Card or a USB WiFi Adapter/Dongle

Some places online sell the PCI/PCIe cards for as low as about $6 each and USB WiFi Dongles for about $4 each. Your WiFi Router can probably support somewhere around 255 computers...I wouldn't try that though.
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If you decide to buy a new wireless router for this project, I would suggest buying this one & do it right the first time: Linksys WRT54GL

I am sure most people here will agree..

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