Clicking Sound


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Clicking Sound

I have a HP pavilion model QW691AAR#ABA I bought it refurbished and had it less then a month and Now the hard drive is making a clicking sound like click click,click click. 2 at a time every few seconds. The hardrive is a 1TB do not know the brand. I have not done any mods to this computer. Is the hard drive failing even though it's less then a month although we don't know if they replaced it when it was factory refurbished or is this normal noise. never done it till a couple days ago.
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It could be also may just need to be wiped and reformatted. My wife PC started doing the same thing and it turned out to be that the boot sectors(?) on the drive were bad. I was able to recover all her data by plugging it int to a external dock. Didn't make the clicking noise there since we weren't accessing the operating system.
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Unfortunately flirty1 the hard drive is failing. As long as you can still access the drive I suggest you get as many things saved as possible and then once it completely dies drilling into the case so no one can try to steal any of your information. But before you do that though try to return the computer and if that isn't possible then destroy the drive.
If the place where you bought the computer will not take it back then I suggest you buy a new hard drive from Newegg they usually have good prices and a great selection of hard drives. My personal favorite is Western Digital but other brands are good too. Since that is 1TB look for an SATA drive.
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I often buy refurbed PCs and I get at least a three month warranty (actually got a year on the one I bought a couple months ago) so I would contact the vendor about this.
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This is sometimes referred to as the 'click of death'. In older hard drives, it usually meant the drive was toast. Nowadays, it just means that it's failing.

Definitely back up as much as you can. Then contact the vendor, they should have given you at least a few month warranty.
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Definitely back up what you have. It's just a matter of time before it fails completely. It's never happened to me but it happened to a friend once. Lost everything he had because he didn't back it up first.

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