wont shut down


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sometimes when i shut down the computer it doesnt shut down on its own, any reasoning on this?
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I'm interested in an explanation, too

Its happened to me, too. When it gets to be often, I reload the operating system and its fine for quite some time.

You can reload the operating system without formatting the hard drive (at least with windows 98 and earlier).
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I agree with bob, although I have had before when trying to overwrite windows it sometimes works , and sometimes makes it worse, I fine a unconditional format and system re-install is the best option although you have nothing to lose by trying it, just back up critical data before just in case.

There is also an issue with some of the faster drives and cpu's that the system shut downs before the cache/buffer can be written to the hard drive . as a rsult when windows gets booted again , it acts as if there was an improper shutdown and runs scandisk. Microsoft has issued a interm fix update for windows at their site that esentially puts a 2 sec delay in to ensure the buffer is cleared /written to drive before shut down. I don't beleive this is your problem, just thought I would mention it.
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This Windows Shutdown Troubleshooting Site should be helpful...Mike
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If you are running Windows 98, Microsoft has a Shutdown Supplement available at the windows update site. You should have Windows Update in your start Menu.

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