computer message errors


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computer message errors

I am looking for a computer expert. I am constantly keep getting error messages.
I have a dial-up system that's very slow. My system is a Compaq E500, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002, Windows Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox (12.0) browser, 1.2 GIG Processor, 20 GIG Hard Drive, 512 Ram, Onboard 56K modem, 4 USB ports.

The error messages are as follows: The connection has timed out, server not found, The connection was reset, Document expired, and Some plug-ins used by this page are out of date. My Internet Supplier is:

These messages appear when I am trying to get to my email messages, searching information on the web, and almost anything else.

Can anyone help me, Please!!

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Those messages come up when either the server you're trying to connect to, is having problems loading the page/s or your connection speed is so slow, the page just can't load and gives up or you're losing your connection all together.
OR could possibly be your modem went or is going south or it could just be a problem with your ISP. Back in my dial-up days, I kept losing connections because of my ISP, so I switched and problem gone.

Did this just start recently? If so, I'd contact your ISP first and have them test your line.

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Hello: KathyKitty.

I too agree. Dial up speeds are to slow and the 512 ram chip not enough.

Todays web sites and pages are content heavy. Meaning contains so much to display for a dial up service over a phone wire. You'll need to ask your ISP if there is another service they provide or get a cablem modem service.

Also, need to upgrade that 512 chip to not less then a 1024 or more. If there is room on the mother board to allow more then one chip set. Computer can be tested on line at RAM Memory Upgrade: Dell, Mac, Apple, HP, Compaq. USB drives, SSD at

On that site there is a link to evaluate and test your computer for an upgrade. Also makes a suggestion(s) to which chip set your computer needs or can use. If you buy a chip set(s) from any company they are not all that difficult to install either....
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If you don't want to or can't afford to spend the money for cable/FIOS internet service, you could look into DSL. It runs on your existing phone line but doesn't tie up the line, you can still use the phone when online. Costs about $20 mo. I used it years ago and was satisfied with the speed, it ran video fine. If you currently have a dedicated phone line for the dial up, you could get rid of it and actually pay less for much faster speed.
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Check with your phone provider for a "bundle" including DSL. I have one that includes all phone service, unlimited domestic long distance, and DSL for a static rate of $58 that can't go up. Of course you tag on the taxes, fees, government doo doo and it runs about $80 per month.
Also, update your Firefox. We are currently on version 17.0, so it may make a difference. Install AdBlock Plus on Firefox which will cut down on ads on your pages which eats up loading time as well.
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KathyKitty I looked up the possibility of a memory upgrade with a company that I trust to sell me the right memory and unfortunately you are already maxed out as far as memory is concerned so really your best bet right now is to get Fios or Verizon DSL if you are in their service area. I have had a few issues with the Fios service such as problems with their e-mail but they fix whatever problems I have as soon as possible. By the way if no one has said so already welcome to the forum!
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In all honesty you have maxed the use of that laptop. Its pretty much out of date.
You probably deal with browsers locking up constantly (At least I do with my 1.6 ghz laptop. Fresh OS install or not)

I know that some models of those laptops have a RJ-45 port, thats the network port for high speed internet, so you will have to check your model.

My advice is keep your eye open for a little newer of a system that would only cost you 100-200 for a laptop that has at least 1GB of ram, 2Ghz processor or higher, and as a recommendation... Get high speed internet if its available at your address.
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I just bought a refurbed desktop off IBM's site - 3.0 GHz processor and 4 GB RAM running Windows 7. Granted, the OS is 32 bit so I can only use 3 GB of RAM but I paid less than $200 for this thing with a one year warranty included.
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Kathykitty if you are looking for a nice upgrade to your computer Dell has some nice refurbished computers too on their website especially on their off lease area. I also like e-bay for good deals on Dell and many other brands.

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