"Windows Vista build 6002 This copy of Windows is not genuine"


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"Windows Vista build 6002 This copy of Windows is not genuine"

I got this screen message this morning. It appears in the lower right corner of the desktop. The only other indication that something isn't right is the desktop wallpaper which is now black. I switched to another user and everything seemed normal. A virus scan turned up nothing. Rebooting had no effect.

I googled the "not genuine" message and apparently I'm not alone. It looks like the problem has been around for years and microsoft hasn't addressed it. There are a dozen or more forums with people suggesting things to do to fix it but the problem is all of them seem to have different suggestions.

Anyone here seen this problem - have a fix?
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I've worked on Vista machines in the past but never saw that message.

The two most common fixes (or suggestions) that turn up in those forums seem to be: uninstall/reinstall SP2, or call MS and have them validate your product key. Both are worth a shot.
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Unfortunately you are not going to like my advice. Rick Johnston is right when he says call Microsoft but getting someone who can help you can be a problem and even if you do they may not be able to fix the problem other than maybe asking you to buy another license or selling you a copy of Vista and I don't think you want to go through the time consuming effort with Microsoft. As to uninstalling a sp2 and re-installing it that probably will not work either as I think I tried that myself with Windows XP. None of my efforts short of calling Microsoft worked and I also had a genuine copy of Windows XP. I think what happened with you and me several years apart is we picked up a virus that had only one job and that was to destroy the validation key. Best thing to do now is wipe the hard drive clean and start over. I would used Dban which you can get here Darik's Boot And Nuke | Hard Drive Disk Wipe and Data Clearing and download it to another computer. Then make an ISO recording by right clicking the program using this program ISO Recorder . Download the ISO recorder then run the program and set it up and you will be all set. If you get a validation problem after wiping the disk then your license was probably for only one install on one machine so you would then have to call Microsoft and then they can unlock the license for a reinstall after you explain to them that your computer picked up a virus and you had to re-install. Re-installing after all isn't a violation of their terms of service and that phone call will not take near as long. I certainly wish you luck!
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One quick thing to try, check the date, time, and time zone. Sometimes those get messed with and Windows Genuine Advantage will fail.

As to why this happens, it's to attempt to reduce software piracy problems. Unfortunately I've seen corporate licenses have problems (mainly on account of date/time, sometimes other issues) but in home environments it's probably difficult to truly remedy without a reinstall. If you can contact Microsoft then there may be help, but that itself will be a chore.
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