Ethernet and phone installation over preexisting cat5 wiring


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Post Ethernet and phone installation over preexisting cat5 wiring

I'm new to this community but I am hoping to get some clarification and help. I have cat5 running through out my home and am using dsl for my internet. I know I can run ethernet and phone over the same cat5. I'd like to install ethernet and phone jacks in each of the rooms using the existing cat5 but I need clarification on what the current wires are doing.

Each room has a phone jack with the below wiring. Each of the jacks in the rooms has the blues and oranges wired to the phone jack with greens and browns cut.
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The box all the wires run to looks like the following. The browns are running to a phone jack with the oranges, blues, and greens, running to a ethernet plug and plugged into the back of the ethernet panel.
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I think once the box wiring makes sense I can wire the room jacks myself, so my questions are

1) How should this look on the box end to run both phone and ethernet
2) What is the phone jack in the box for (something to do with the security system - not hookedup)
3) Which line is the one IN?

If this is not doable with the current setup just wiring the rooms with ethernet is an option since we don't use a land line anyways.

Look forward to hearing any ideas and or clarification.

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I don't recommend putting land line phones and network on the same cable.
When the phone rings it will upset the ethernet connection.
It's best to use one cable for each.
Punch down to the jacks using all 8 wires using 568B parameters.
The colors are on the jacks.....use B wiring.
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Fair point. So assuming I go with the ethernet only option. Are you able to tell what's going on with the phone jack in the box.

I dont know if the ethernet cable plugged into it is the line IN or if the otherside with the wires split out the is line IN and why are the browns split out like that since they don't seem to be used in the room jacks?
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Where are the blue patch cords going to or coming from? Are they going out to the wall jacks or coming from the DSL modem?
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They all go out to the wall jacks. Right now I the modem plugged into one of the wall jacks. I'd like to move the modem into this box and connect its out to the patch cords.

Ideally I'd like to run both ethernet and phone out of the box, but if that's not possible I'm fine with just ethernet.
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I'm not 100% certain, but the distro module that the cables are plugged into are likely just jumpered all together inside, as you would do with phone lines. All the oranges tied together, all the blues tied together, etc.

To run a network, you need to use a switch instead. So those wires would go into the switch and then be wired to RJ45 jacks in each room.
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Correct on the switch or router. Another issue is RJ45 plugs are not supposed to be used on field wiring (cables going into and through the walls). Instead, they punch to the rear of a patch panel. Patch cords are then used to make the connections to the switch or router.

This is also better if you want to use a single cable for both ethernet and phone. The blue pair of wires is available for phone and can be daisy-chain punched to other ports for distribution. The brown pair is also not used for data, so if you have a second phone line that's where it would go.

At the wall plate, separate ethernet and telephone jacks can be punched down if there are no RJ45 connectors on the cables.
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