"Default" monitor isn't correct


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"Default" monitor isn't correct

Based on professional advice, I re-installed Windows (XP) on my PC because of a virus that had infected my machine beyond standard removal efforts.

Now, as I re-install programs, I get an error message from running the HP disk with the printer driver. It says I need to enhance the monitor graphics beyond the minimum settings. When I try to change the settings, the little slide thingy doesn't move off the lowest setting. As I look deeper into "properties" it says to make sure the default monitor is correct. But I can't change anything, or even see what they list as "default"... (It should be the same, as it's the original monitor that came with the system.)

Any thoughts from people who actually know what they're doing?
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You need to download the latest driver. You are probably working with just a generic driver.

Go to the HP site to download....
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Given that you reinstalled windows, I would think a graphics card driver may need to be updated.

Edit: oops, looks like Mike beat me to it.
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Both the graphics card driver and the monitor driver should be installed. While you're at it, if you have a built-ins on the motherboard such as ethernet NIC and sound card those drivers also need to be installed.
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'Back in business.

I downloaded a truckload of updates from the Dell website. And (mostly) everything is working fine now.

For anybody else wanting to re-install Windows - Go to the manufacturers website and download any updates to CD First. It will make the process go better later...


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