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The error I am getting is a fatal exception oe has occured at 0028:C0005338 in VXD VMM(01)+00004338. I am still getting this error constantly. I am running Win98 SE. Thanks for any advice.
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Always try and stay with same thread when its the same question. I answer a number of questions in several forums, and it is easilier to see what was already said so far if it is in the same thread, otherwise I could end up saying or asking the same questions.

I am just going to ask one last question to you, if you boot in SAFE mode , do you still get the same problem ?

If worse comes to worse, you can format the drive and re-install the system it does indeed solve most problems including this one, and the only thing you lose is some of your time. If you decide on this option , I can give you the rundown on how to do it. I usually format and redo my system 3 or 4 times a year but my system gets well used.
Sometimes you can beat your head against the wall trying to figure it out, and it would have taken less time to format and reinstall the system, and it is not as hard as some people think.

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Sorry about starting another thread. I do not get the error in safe mode. I have already formatted my hard drive and reinstalled windows but still recieved the error message in normal mode.
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Originally posted by wallace
The error I am getting is a fatal exception oe has occured at 0028:C0005338 in VXD VMM(01)+00004338. I am still getting this error constantly. I am running Win98 SE. Thanks for any advice.

The above articles has info, but I think I may have just hit the jackpot in the link attached bellow..


this site addresses specificly the exact error
I have copied and pasted what it said bellow...

Fatal Exception Error 0E at 0028:C0005338 in VxD VMM (01) + 00004338
- click here. ( Error 00010)

This error is often caused by AMD K6 processors.

If you are running Windows 95 OEM releases on AMD K6-2 350MHz or faster processors...
see KB article Q192841 (75) and the AMD fix (76).
With Windows 98, there might be several causes.
this might be related to incorrect voltage settings on the motherboard.
It can also be caused by overheating of the CPU.
Another cause is mentioned at waynescomputerworld.com which suggests disabling the external cache if the problem happens during installation. Sounds like a good solution since there have been timing problems with AMD CPUs.
If all else fails try changing the CPU speed to a slower value and see if the problem goes away.
There might be other solutions as well but we've not found them yet.

Still not sure if this problem is also found on Intel CPUs.
Please let me know how it turns out...

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One way I could run windows 98SE without getting this error, was when I shut the computer off for about a half hour. The computer would run quite well for a couple hours, and then start getting the vxd error again. Probably overheating. So changed my OS to windows 95B, downloaded the AMD-K6-2 350 and above patch from microsoft, but would still get errors, but different ones. The only other way I could get my system to run in both win95B&win98se without errors at any time, was to disable the internal cache. Thanks for the help.
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Hello again. I reformated my hard drive again, and loaded win98se again for the fourth time in as many days, but I think I found the fix.I downloaded a vxd fix at http://www.fluidlight.com/pub/nospin_files/VXD_FIX.zip and installed it.I then downloaded rain.zip at http://www.monsternet.game-point.net.../rain.zip.Then I enabled my internal cache, restarted the computer and it has been running great without errors for 24 hours. Seems to work so far. Pretty sure the error was heat related.
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If it was heat related, you sure went the long way to fix it.

Is the correct voltage being applied?
Did you take heatsink off, clean and reapply new compound.
Does the cpu have a fan?
Does the case have a fan pulling air in and the power supply blowing air out?

Are you overclocking?

Those are the things to check first if you suspect a cpu overheating problem. Which you may have done.. I didnt read the other post. Im just posting for others in case they suspect they have a overheating problem.
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I am not overclocking, but even after I had the computer working with the first two fixes for a few days, I did install another case fan. Also installed a larger heat sink with paste and larger cpu fan.

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