Should I use scan disc?


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I defrag but never scan disc...should I? Will it speed my computer up? Thank you
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Windows help says "You can use ScanDisk to check your hard disk for logical and physical errors. ScanDisk can then repair the damaged areas."

I run it religiously every month, and sometimes every week. It rarely finds a problem, but when it has, it has also fixed them.

If you've not run it recently, start it before you go to bed, because it can be quite time consuming if you have a large hard drive.

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How do you start SCAN DISK?
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jamesray, If you have Win98 any version, go to START, PROGRAM, ACCESSORIES, SYSTEM TOOLS there you will find Scandisc listed with all of the tools...Mike
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Marshall Buttrey
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I run scan disk every Tuesday at 4:00 AM. I also have several other maintenance tasks scheduled every week, including defrag, disk cleanup, virus scan, and windows critical update. If I left these to my memory, I'd probably crash every day.

Good Luck
Marshall Buttrey

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Good Evening, Marshall:

The ScanDisk program and the Disk Defragmenter program run hand in hand. When you defrag the system, the program checks to make sure there are not any problems in the files and such. It will not work unless it is sure that things are in order. If it finds a problem, it will not run unless ScanDisk is run and the problems are corrected.

From an old guy that keeps his machine running: run ScanDisk first and then run Disk Defragmenter second. If you have a screen saver, disable it before you run either program. If you have an anti-virus software running, disable it, also. Both will interfere with the running of the above programs. When everything is done, ensure that you restart all support programs (such as anti-virus) before you get back on the Internet.

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how do you disable virus programs? just click it off tool bar?
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If your still reading this.

From your question I gather you haven't changed any start-up options.


Unless your one of the few people with WIN95/98 (anything WIN) who have NEVER had to push the hard reset button, you have run scandisk.

It's that blue screen with the yellow blocks moving across it before Windows starts up.

And yes, you should run scandisk before derag, but my experience is that after WIN 3.1, Windows handles lost clusters and such much better.

Haven't had one since my upgrade to WIN98SE (new comp too).

If you know all this , Sorry.

Good Luck!

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Marshall Buttrey
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I hope to stir more conversation with this update, cause we'll all learn.

Defrag. re-writes the hard drive to move files so that they are not spread out across the hard drive. It does this to speed up disk reads. Scan disk checks for, and corrects potential problems on the hard drive. Related? For system maintenance, I guess so. Operationally I don't think so.

I schedule these to run weekly, at 4:00AM on different days. I don't shut down anything, and have never experienced a problem with them not running.

Marshall Buttrey
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