MACINTOSH -110 error and slowed system


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Trying to get rid of the -110 error

At re-start, it comes up, you have to click OK about 8 to 10 times before it goes away. It always trashes my current desktop printer utility, but also replaces it with a new one.
Other than that, I've not noticed any other problem.

I've got a Power MAC 8500, 64mb RAM, running 9.04 OS and have
just used Norton Utilities and it says harddrive is ok. Even used TechTool. I've also noticed a s-l-o-w-i-n-g of my system thhat I didn't have before.

I've read possible solutions in the Version Tracker MacOS
Daily Mailing - have done their suggestions, but still have problem.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Both these sites have information on the 110 error
but the site just above has a very small program that you can download and run, and it gives you the error and describes the error to you.

I don't use mac's so I don't haev personal experience with them, but hope these links you give you the information you need. Let us know.
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Exclamation -110 error STILL NEED HELP!!!

I did what you suggested. I've even done the clean install - twice!
Also, I've run Norton Utilities and the various 'fixes' that come with it.

According to MACerrors - the scrap manager has odd address or is out of range
(whatever a scrap manager is!) -110 error has something to do with a memory address error
It only occurs at startup.
I've noticed that each time I have to restart and get rid of the -110 error by clicking ok - about 8-10 times before it goes away - it also xxxxs out my desktop printer and re-creates it additionally it (or something else) has really s-l-o-w-e-d my system down and has to
re-create each desktop icon - excruciatingly slow

I have a PM8500/120 w/64mg RAM - running MAC OS 9.0.4
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Unfortunatly I haven't used macs enough to go further on this one, I was hoping that there would be a mac specialist on DIY that could provide some insight onthis.
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This is mac help /forums that may be able to help you, look there and post your question there.

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