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everytime I start my computer it goes to
the desktop okay but it seem it wants to load the
desktop icons about four times before it is done.
I am using Norton antivirus on startup.
It loads the whole screen then it blinks and
refreshes it again and then it loads the
background picture and it refreshes again
and changes the background color a couple of
times till the right color comes up and it is
done then.

Thank you
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Does this cause a delay in boot up time ? Did it always do this ? If the boot up is reasonable and there is no performance change in the computer, I be inclined not to worry about it. Are you running windows melennium by chance ? There is an issue with norton antivirus 2000 or earilier versions that it is not compatable with windows me, nortin antivirus 2001 is compatable.

If it is a new thing then give me what software you have installed or uninstalled or hardware changed, between the time it did not do that and the time it did.

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Run msconfig/ start up tab. See what's loading on startup. Try shutting things off one by one and see if the prob goes away. Start with all the antivirus stuff.

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