Need help understanding different OS of tablets

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Need help understanding different OS of tablets

I am getting ready to get a 10" tablet. Haven't decided which one I am going to get but could someone help me with the different OS's of the tablets. Seems like it is the apple sys. with the Ipad or the Android. I see things like Android 4 or other versions of Android. I see something called Ice Cream sandwich and others. I am just not sure which is better and if it really makes a difference. The tablets that I am concidering are Ipad 3, Samsung Galaxy 2 (GT-P5113TSYXAR), and the Toshiba Excite.

I guess I am concerned about the use of different apps on the different OS's. I think there are plenty of apps for both but would really appreciate getting this cleared up before buying.

The tablet won't be used for gaming or skype or pictures. It will be 99% used just to surf the internet.
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I have no experience with iPad so I can't offer any advice. I do have two Android tablets. If a product says it has "Jelly Bean", then it is running Android version 4.1 or 4.2 (4.2 is a slight improvement over 4.1). If it says "Ice Cream Sandwich" then it's 4.0. Each release of Android will be named after a dessert.

If you want a newer tablet, try to stick with something with Jelly Bean and will have better support to update your future tablet.

Google Nexus 10 (which is a 10" tablet) tends to stay current with the releases of Android.

My wife has a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, which is a 10" tablet and she loves it. She uses it mainly for surfing, listening to music and FaceBook.

I have a Toshiba Thrive (also 10") but I had to send that back to get the screen repaired and right now there are several dark circles on the screen, it's probably the last time I get a Toshiba tablet.
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People like their "i" stuff (iPhone, iPad, etc) but I tend to shy away from it as it does not have the freedom that others do.

A good example is I was just on vacation and was using my new smartphone as a wireless hotspot. Our friend wanted to do the same on her iPhone. After some researching turns out that she could not unless she brought the phone in and upgraded her phone plan. Huh?

Anyway, if you do not have an apple product, most cases it will come with android OS. Most non- apple smart phones come with android and the google play store has about a gazillion apps. (Tablets are nothing more than a big smartphone) I have just entered the smartphone world and their has been every app I have looked for.
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I have both iPad4 and Android ICS running on an Asus 10" (TF101). For surfing, the basic Android Browser blows away the Safari browser on the iPad. It's faster and is compatible with more websites in both mobile and desktop modes.

The Facebook app is better on the iPad. Android seems to have trouble with certain functions like coming back from swiping over pix. Neither are anywhere as good as a desktop, but for basic news feed reading they're OK. Typing status updates is a chore on both.

One really cool included app on the Asus is Splashtop, which allows the tablet to remotely take over any computer running the Splashtop software (password protected). It works over the internet and on a home network. This has saved my bacon on job sites more than a few times! Other apps are free on the home network, but charge for internet access.

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